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    RS 485 specification has been discussed in the present Technical Reports

    Derivation of linear elasticity for a general class of atomistic energies

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    The purpose of this paper is the derivation, in the framework of Gamma-convergence, of linear elastic continuum theories from a general class of atomistic models, in the regime of small deformations. Existing results are available only in the special case of one-well potentials accounting for very short interactions. We consider here the general case of multi-well potentials accounting for interactions of finite but arbitrarily long range. The extension to this setting requires a novel idea for the proof of the Gamma-convergence which is interesting in its own right and potentially relevant in other applications

    High B test of a commercial step-down Point of Load for LHC experiments

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    The performance in magnetic field (B-field) of the commercial DC-DC converter LTM8033, from Linear Technology, has been evaluated. The tests have been carried out at the Laboratorio Acceleratori e Superconduttivit\ue0 Applicata (LASA), in Milan (Italy), on December 2013 and the experimental results are here presented and discussed. Their ability to operate in hostile environment is particularly interesting for physics experiments where the presence of radiation and strong B field make electronic devices challenged to function . In particular, in this article the operation in high B-field environment will be investigated and discussed

    Improving SPIHT-based Compression of Volumetric Medical Data

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    Volumetric medical data (CT,MR) are useful tools for diagnostic investigation however their usage may be made diffcult because of the amount of data to store or because of the duration of communication over a limited capacity channel. In order to code such information sources we present a progressive three dimensional image compression algorithm based on zerotree wavelet coder with arithmetic coding. We make use of a 3D separable biorthogonal wavelet transform and we extend the zerotree SPIHT algorithm to three dimensions. Moreover we propose some improvements to the SPIHT encoder in order to obtain a better rate distortion performance without increasing the computational complexity. Finally we propose an efficient context-based adaptive arithmetic coding which eliminates high order redundancy. The results obtained on progressive coding of a test CT volume are better than those presented in recent similar works both for the mean PSNR on the whole volume and for the PSNR homogeneity between various slices

    Radiation and magnetic field effects on new semiconductor power devices for HL-LHC experiments

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    The radiation hardness of commercial Silicon Carbide and Gallium Nitride power MOSFETs is presented in this paper, for Total Ionizing Dose effects and Single Event Effects, under gamma, neutrons, protons and heavy ions. Similar tests are discussed for commercial DC-DC converters, also tested in operation under magnetic field

    A Bridging Mechanism in the Homogenization of Brittle Composites with Soft Inclusions

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    We provide a homogenisation result for the energy-functional associated with a purely brittle composite whose microstructure is characterised by soft periodic inclusions embedded in a stiffer matrix. We show that the two constituents as above can be suitably arranged on a microscopic scale \u3b5 to obtain, in the limit as \u3b5 tends to zero, a homogeneous macroscopic energy-functional explicitly depending on the opening of the crack

    Predicting the Electronic Density Response of Condensed-Phase Systems to Electric Field Perturbations

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    We present a local and transferable machine learning approach capable of predicting the real-space density response of both molecules and periodic systems to external homogeneous electric fields. The new method, SALTER, builds on the Symmetry-Adapted Gaussian Process Regression SALTED framework. SALTER requires only a small, but necessary, modification to the descriptors used to represent the atomic environments. We present the performance of the method on isolated water molecules, bulk water and a naphthalene crystal. Root mean square errors of the predicted density response lie at or below 10% with barely more than 100 training structures. Derived quantities, such as polarizability tensors and even Raman spectra further derived from these tensors show a good agreement with those calculated directly from quantum mechanical methods. Therefore, SALTER shows excellent performance when predicting derived quantities, while retaining all of the information contained in the full electronic response. This method is thus capable of learning vector fields in a chemical context and serves as a landmark for further developments.Comment: Main text: 7 pages, 5 figures. SI: 5 pages, 4 figure

    Rate-Independent Damage in Thermo-Viscoelastic Materials with Inertia

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    We present a model for rate-independent, unidirectional, partial damage in visco-elastic materials with inertia and thermal effects. The damage process is modeled by means of an internal variable, governed by a rate-independent flow rule. The heat equation and the momentum balance for the displacements are coupled in a highly nonlinear way. Our assumptions on the corresponding energy functional also comprise the case of the Ambrosio\u2013 Tortorelli phase-field model (without passage to the brittle limit). We discuss a suitable weak formulation and prove an existence theorem obtained with the aid of a (partially) decoupled time-discrete scheme and variational convergence methods. We also carry out the asymptotic analysis for vanishing viscosity and inertia and obtain a fully rate-independent limit model for displacements and damage, which is independent of temperature
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