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    Observations of industrial sulfur flows and implications for Io

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    The possibility of sulfur flows on the Jovian satellite Io is discussed. Although the primary problem is lack of sufficient information to resolve the issue, interpretations of existing data are hampered by poor knowledge of the thermal properties and rheologic behavior of sulfur flows, especially under conditions present on Io. Relatively few natural sulfur flows occur on Earth and only one has been seen in active flow. However, recent observations of industrial sulfur flows, which are much larger than those produced experimentally, may provide important information concerning natural sulfur flows on both Earth and Io

    Lessons in learning gain: insights from a pilot project

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    ‘Learning gain’ has become an increasingly prominent concept in debates about the effectiveness of higher education across OECD countries. In England, interest has been heightened by the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE)’s major research initiative on learning gain, launched in 2015, and by the new Teaching Excellence Framework which assesses learning and teaching and student outcomes. HEFCE’s novel research initiative has funded a set of experimental projects across the English higher education sector for the first time. This paper presents preliminary findings from one such project at the University of East Anglia (UEA). The project trials and evaluates three approaches to identifying and measuring learning gain using data from cohorts of students across different discipline areas during 2015–2016 and 2016–2017. It builds upon previous work carried out at UEA in developing self-efficacy assessments and applying concept inventories. Student marks provide a simple comparator as a third approach to measuring learning gain

    Radar-aeolian roughness project

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    The objective is to establish an empirical relationship between measurements of radar, aeolian, and surface roughness on a variety of natural surfaces and to understand the underlying physical causes. This relationship will form the basis for developing a predictive equation to derive aeolian roughness from radar backscatter. Results are given from investigations carried out in 1989 on the principal elements of the project, with separate sections on field studies, radar data analysis, laboratory simulations, and development of theory for planetary applications

    Electrostatics in wind-blown sand

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    Wind-blown sand, or "saltation," is an important geological process, and the primary source of atmospheric dust aerosols. Significant discrepancies exist between classical saltation theory and measurements. We show here that these discrepancies can be resolved by the inclusion of sand electrification in a physically based saltation model. Indeed, we find that electric forces enhance the concentration of saltating particles and cause them to travel closer to the surface, in agreement with measurements. Our results thus indicate that sand electrification plays an important role in saltation.Comment: 4 journal pages, 5 figures, and supplementary material. Article is in press at PR

    The statistical mechanics of combinatorial optimization problems with site disorder

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    We study the statistical mechanics of a class of problems whose phase space is the set of permutations of an ensemble of quenched random positions. Specific examples analyzed are the finite temperature traveling salesman problem on several different domains and various problems in one dimension such as the so called descent problem. We first motivate our method by analyzing these problems using the annealed approximation, then the limit of a large number of points we develop a formalism to carry out the quenched calculation. This formalism does not require the replica method and its predictions are found to agree with Monte Carlo simulations. In addition our method reproduces an exact mathematical result for the Maximum traveling salesman problem in two dimensions and suggests its generalization to higher dimensions. The general approach may provide an alternative method to study certain systems with quenched disorder.Comment: 21 pages RevTex, 8 figure

    Weighted Mean Field Theory for the Random Field Ising Model

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    We consider the mean field theory of the Random Field Ising Model obtained by weighing the many solutions of the mean field equations with Boltzmann-like factors. These solutions are found numerically in three dimensions and we observe critical behavior arising from the weighted sum. The resulting exponents are calculated.Comment: 15 pages of tex using harvmac. 8 postscript figures (fig3.ps is large) in a separate .uu fil

    Analysis of United Kingdom Off-Highway Construction Machinery Market and Its Consumers Using New-Sales Data

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    The off-highway construction machinery market and its consumers have attracted minimal previous research. This study addresses that void by analyzing annual United Kingdom (UK) (volume/portfolio) new-sales data for the 10 most popular products within that market, 1990–2010 inclusive. Graphical, descriptive statistical, Pearson-correlational, autocorrelational, and elementary modeling are employed to identify contrasts in sales regarding (1) high- and low-volume items; (2) growth trends and significant recessionary effects on volumes; (3) a demand change point circa 1997, since when annual product portfolio has changed little; and (4) product associations in consumer demand. Significant association is demonstrated between demand and construction output, especially with the value of new housing. Subsequently, consumption of wheeled loaders is modeled using construction volume, and demand for mini and crawler excavators is modeled using new-housing data. Time series trends for these machinery types are presented and forecast through 2015. The primary contribution of this study is a deeper understanding of the UK new-machinery market and the predilections of its consumers over the last two decades (to present)

    A muon-spin relaxation study of BiMnO3

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    We present the results of muon-spin relaxation measurements on ferromagnetic BiMnO3. Below T_C=98.0(1) K oscillations in the time-dependence of the muon polarization are observed, characteristic of a quasistatic magnetic field at a single muon site, allowing us to probe the critical behaviour associated with the magnetic phase transition. We are able to suggest candidate muon sites on the basis of dipole field calculations. Close to T_C, fluctuations of the Mn^3+ moments are characteristic of critical behaviour while there is a sharp crossover to a region of fast dynamic fluctuations at higher temperatures.Comment: 10 pages, 4 figure

    A Study of Activated Processes in Soft Sphere Glass

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    On the basis of long simulations of a binary mixture of soft spheres just below the glass transition, we make an exploratory study of the activated processes that contribute to the dynamics. We concentrate on statistical measures of the size of the activated processes.Comment: 17 pages, 9 postscript figures with epsf, uses harvmac.te
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