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    Nitridation of SiO2 for surface passivation

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    An attempt is made to relate the electrical properties of silicon dioxide film to the process history. A model is proposed to explain some of the observed results. It is shown that with our present knowledge of the dielectric, silicon dioxide film shows a lot of promise for its use in surface passivation, both for its resistance to impurity diffusion and for its resistance to radiation damage effects

    Factorization of Multivariate Positive Laurent Polynomials

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    Recently Dritschel proves that any positive multivariate Laurent polynomial can be factorized into a sum of square magnitudes of polynomials. We first give another proof of the Dritschel theorem. Our proof is based on the univariate matrix Fejer-Riesz theorem. Then we discuss a computational method to find approximates of polynomial matrix factorization. Some numerical examples will be shown. Finally we discuss how to compute nonnegative Laurent polynomial factorizations in the multivariate setting

    Optimization of synchronization in gradient clustered networks

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    We consider complex clustered networks with a gradient structure, where sizes of the clusters are distributed unevenly. Such networks describe more closely actual networks in biophysical systems and in technological applications than previous models. Theoretical analysis predicts that the network synchronizability can be optimized by the strength of the gradient field but only when the gradient field points from large to small clusters. A remarkable finding is that, if the gradient field is sufficiently strong, synchronizability of the network is mainly determined by the properties of the subnetworks in the two largest clusters. These results are verified by numerical eigenvalue analysis and by direct simulation of synchronization dynamics on coupled-oscillator networks.Comment: PRE, 76, 056113 (2007

    Growth of graphene on 6H-SiC by molecular dynamics simulation

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    Classical molecular-dynamics simulations were carried out to study epitaxial growth of graphene on 6H-SiC(0001) substrate. It was found that there exists a threshold annealing temperature above which we observe formation of graphitic structure on the substrate. To check the sensitivity of the simulation results, we tested two empirical potentials and evaluated their reliability by the calculated characteristics of graphene, its carbon-carbon bond-length, pair correlation function, and binding energy.Comment: 7 pages, 5 figure

    Cusp-scaling behavior in fractal dimension of chaotic scattering

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    A topological bifurcation in chaotic scattering is characterized by a sudden change in the topology of the infinite set of unstable periodic orbits embedded in the underlying chaotic invariant set. We uncover a scaling law for the fractal dimension of the chaotic set for such a bifurcation. Our analysis and numerical computations in both two- and three-degrees-of-freedom systems suggest a striking feature associated with these subtle bifurcations: the dimension typically exhibits a sharp, cusplike local minimum at the bifurcation.Comment: 4 pages, 4 figures, Revte

    Current-induced synchronized switching of magnetization

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    We investigate current-induced magnetization switching for a multilayer structure that allows a reduced switching current while maintaining high thermal stability of the magnetization. The structure consists of a perpendicular polarizer, a perpendicular free-layer, and an additional free-layer having in-plane magnetization. When the current runs perpendicular to the structure, the in-plane free-layer undergoes a precession and supplies an internal rf field to the perpendicular free-layer, resulting in a reduced switching current for one current polarity. For the other polarity, the in-plane free-layer almost saturates perpendicular to the plane and acts as another perpendicular polarizer, which also reduces the switching current.Comment: 18 pages, 4 figure