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    The Distinction Between Rights and Responsibilities: A Defense

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    Hyperfine-Induced Decay in Triple Quantum Dots

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    We analyze the effects of hyperfine interactions on coherent control experiments in triple quantum dots. By exploiting Hamiltonian symmetries and the SU(3) structure of the triple-dot system under pseudo-exchange and longitudinal hyperfine couplings, we provide analytic formulae for the hyperfine decay of triple-dot Rabi and dephasing experiments.Comment: 5 pages, 2 figure

    “Als wel the lord as the schepherde, He broghte hem alle in good accord”: Harmonious Materialism in the Confessio Amantis

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    Using R. F. Yeager\u27s analysis of the figure Arion as a starting point, this article argues that in the Confessio Amantis, John Gower shifts his impulse toward social correction from direct estates satire to a more subtle approach encoding his social critique in the love stories of the Confessio. Examples of this approach include a variety of tales from Book 5, and the Apollonius of Tyre story in Book 8. Details of the poem\u27s ending and later works like In Praise of Peace indicate that Gower still retained an interest in direct critique of social problems

    Review of \u3cem\u3eMr. Tuba\u3c/em\u3e by Harvey Phillips

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    The 2015 Debt Crisis

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    At the London G20 Summit, participants reaffirmed their commitment to the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and to increasing official development assistance (ODA). This aid will be important in helping the poorest countries meet the MDGs that were agreed before the crisis, but it will probably be insufficient to tackle the additional problems caused by the current economic downturn. (...)The 2015 Debt Crisis


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    We have many routes to success in agricultural economics: extension education, resident teaching, advising, research, and public service. In selecting problems to study we must be sensitive to needs of all our clientele. Several production economics concepts are relevant to allocating our own efforts. Noticing, recognizing, and experiencing surprise aid scientific discovery. We need to use heuristics, intuition, deduction, and induction, though consideration of science's ideal and real types shows that all these mental processes are fallible. We need special theories that have broad application. Replication deserves high priority. A few thoughts on the manuscript review process are presented.Teaching/Communication/Extension/Profession,

    Prosodic description: An introduction for fieldworkers

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    This article provides an introductory tutorial on prosodic features such as tone and accent for researchers working on little-known languages. It specifically addresses the needs of non-specialists and thus does not presuppose knowledge of the phonetics and phonology of prosodic features. Instead, it intends to introduce the uninitiated reader to a field often shied away from because of its (in part real, but in part also just imagined) complexities. It consists of a concise overview of the basic phonetic phenomena (section 2) and the major categories and problems of their functional and phonological analysis (sections 3 and 4). Section 5 gives practical advice for documenting and analyzing prosodic features in the field.National Foreign Language Resource Cente