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    Majorana Neutrino Masses from Neutrinoless Double-Beta Decays and Lepton-Number-Violating Meson Decays

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    The Schechter-Valle theorem states that a positive observation of neutrinoless double-beta (0νββ0\nu \beta \beta) decays implies a finite Majorana mass term for neutrinos when any unlikely fine-tuning or cancellation is absent. In this note, we reexamine the quantitative impact of the Schechter-Valle theorem, and find that current experimental lower limits on the half-lives of 0νββ0\nu \beta \beta-decaying nuclei have placed a restrictive upper bound on the Majorana neutrino mass δmνee<7.43×1029 eV|\delta m^{ee}_\nu| < 7.43 \times 10^{-29}~{\rm eV} radiatively generated at the four-loop level. Furthermore, we generalize this quantitative analysis of 0νββ0\nu \beta \beta decays to that of the lepton-number-violating (LNV) meson decays MM++α+βM^- \to {M^\prime}^+ + \ell^-_\alpha + \ell^-_\beta (for α\alpha, β\beta = ee or μ\mu). Given the present upper limits on these rare LNV decays, we have derived the loop-induced Majorana neutrino masses δmνee<9.7×1018 eV|\delta m^{ee}_\nu| < 9.7 \times 10^{-18}~{\rm eV}, δmνeμ<1.6×1015 eV|\delta m^{e\mu}_\nu| < 1.6 \times 10^{-15}~{\rm eV} and δmνμμ<1.0×1012 eV|\delta m^{\mu \mu}_\nu| < 1.0 \times 10^{-12}~{\rm eV} from Kπ++e+eK^- \to \pi^+ + e^- + e^-, Kπ++e+μK^- \to \pi^+ + e^- + \mu^- and Kπ++μ+μK^- \to \pi^+ + \mu^- + \mu^-, respectively. A partial list of radiative neutrino masses from the LNV decays of DD, DsD_s^{} and BB mesons is also given.Comment: 10 pages, 1 figure, clarification added and references updated, Phys. Lett. B in pres

    Dual-Side Feature Fusion 3D Pose Transfer

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    3D pose transfer solves the problem of additional input and correspondence of traditional deformation transfer, only the source and target meshes need to be input, and the pose of the source mesh can be transferred to the target mesh. Some lightweight methods proposed in recent years consume less memory but cause spikes and distortions for some unseen poses, while others are costly in training due to the inclusion of large matrix multiplication and adversarial networks. In addition, the meshes with different numbers of vertices also increase the difficulty of pose transfer. In this work, we propose a Dual-Side Feature Fusion Pose Transfer Network to improve the pose transfer accuracy of the lightweight method. Our method takes the pose features as one of the side inputs to the decoding network and fuses them into the target mesh layer by layer at multiple scales. Our proposed Feature Fusion Adaptive Instance Normalization has the characteristic of having two side input channels that fuse pose features and identity features as denormalization parameters, thus enhancing the pose transfer capability of the network. Extensive experimental results show that our proposed method has stronger pose transfer capability than state-of-the-art methods while maintaining a lightweight network structure, and can converge faster

    Perceived Teacher Support and Self-Esteem as Mediators of the Relationship Between Peer Relationship and School Life Satisfaction Among Chinese Adolescents

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    To explore the influence of middle school students' peer relationship, perceived teacher support and self-esteem on school life satisfaction. A total of 626 middle school students in Xinjiang were selected to complete the questionnaire of peer relationship questionnaire, perceived teacher support behavior questionnaire, self-esteem scale and school life satisfaction questionnaire. The results showed that:a) Peer relationship, self-esteem, perceived teacher support and school life satisfaction were significantly positively related to each other.b)Step-wise regression analysis for variables predicting students’ school life satisfaction suggested that perceived teacher support, self-esteem and peer relationship were the outstanding influencing factors of school life satisfaction in the third step, predicting 16% of it. c)Based on the ecological systems theory, self-esteem and perceived teachers’ support were the moderating effect between peer relationship and school life satisfaction. The results of the present study will have a practical significance to better the school life satisfaction of middle school students. Keywords: peer relationship,self-esteem,perceived teacher support, school life satisfaction,Xinjian

    Combining Enterprise Knowledge Graph and News Sentiment Analysis for Stock Price Prediction

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    Many state of the art methods analyze sentiments in news to predict stock price. When predicting stock price movement, the correlation between stocks is a factor that can’t be ignored because correlated stocks could cause co-movement. Traditional methods of measuring the correlation between stocks are mostly based on the similarity between corresponding stock price data, while ignoring the business relationships between companies, such as shareholding, cooperation and supply-customer relationships. To solve this problem, this paper proposes a new method to calculate the correlation by using the enterprise knowledge graph embedding that systematically considers various types of relationships between listed stocks. Further, we employ Gated Recurrent Unit (GRU) model to combine the correlated stocks’ news sentiment, the focal stock’s news sentiment and the focal stock’s quantitative features to predict the focal stock’s price movement. Results show that our method has an improvement of 8.1% compared with the traditional method