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    A Robust Implicit Optimal Order Formula for Direct Integration of Second Order Orbital Problems

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    In this paper, a robust implicit formula of optimal order for direct integration of general second order orbital problems of ordinary differential equations (ODEs) is proposed. This method is considered capable avoiding the computational burden and wastage in computer time in connection with the method of reduction to first order systems. The integration algorithms and analysis of the basic properties are based on the adoption of Taylor’s expansion and Dahlquist stability model test. The resultant integration formula is of order ten and it is zero-stable, consistent, convergent and symmetric. The numerical implementation of the method to orbital and two-body problems demonstrates increased accuracy with the same computational effort on comparison with similar second order formulas. Keywords: Optimal-order, Zero-stability, Convergence, Consistent, IVPs, Predictor-corrector, Error constant, Symmetric

    Searching for a Longevity Food, We Bump into Hericium erinaceus Primordium Rich in Ergothioneine: The ‚ÄúLongevity Vitamin‚ÄĚ Improves Locomotor Performances during Aging

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    Phenotypic frailty is characterized by a progressive decline in physical functioning. During ageing, morphological and functional alterations involve the brain, and chief theories involve ox-idative stress, free radical accumulation, and reduced antioxidant defenses as the most implicated mechanisms. From boosting the immune system to fighting senescence, medicinal mushrooms have been found to have a number of health and longevity benefits. Among them, Hericium erinaceus (He) has been demonstrated to display a variety of physiological effects, including anti-aging properties. Thus, He represents an attractive natural source for developing novel medicines and functional foods, based on the identification of its active ingredients and metabolites. Particularly, H. erinaceus primordium (He2) extract contains a high amount of Ergothioneine (ERGO), the longevity vitamin. Herein, we revealed the preventive effect of ERGO-rich He2 extract in a preclinical model, focusing on locomotor decline during ageing monitored through spontaneous behavioral test. This effect was accompanied by a significant decrease in some oxidative stress markers (NOS2, COX2) paralleled by an increase in P53, showed in cerebellar cortex cells and fibres by immunohistochemistry. In summary, we demonstrated the neuro-protective and preventive effects of He2 extract during aging, probably due to its peculiarly high ERGO content
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