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    Electrogenesis, electrical discharge and storage in Pikachu

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    Using Pokédex entries and electric eels as a model organism, this paper will discuss generation, storage and discharge of electricity in Pikachu. Due its high voltage, generation of electricity using electrocytes alone is unlikely due to the unfeasible concentration gradient required. Electrocyte sodium channels are also likely activated by serotonin due to electrical discharge being dependent on the organisms emotional state. Pikachu cheek pouches store vast amounts of electrical energy and would likely require a capacitance akin to modern supercapacitors.

    How loud would a footballer need to shout to defend a shot?

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    During the 2-0 victory over rivals Tottenham Hotspur, Arsenal's Benjamin White was spotted shouting at an attacking player as a means of last-ditch defending. This paper assumes that shouting was an effective means of defending, and calculates an estimate of how loud the shout would need to be to force the ball to roll quicker, causing the shot to go askew. White would have had to shouted at an unphysical value 157.8dB, comparable to the sound of a military jet taking off, in order to defend using his vocal cords

    How hot is a hypersonic vampire?

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    In the light novel series¬†Monogatari, the legendary vampire Kiss-Shot Acerola-Orion Heart-Under-Blade once travelled to Antarctica, wanting to see the aurora australis. To leave the continent, without a destination in mind, she jumped with such force such that the recoil threatened to destroy the landmass of Antarctica. Travelling at hypersonic speeds, and coincidently landing in an unknown Japanese lake caused the entire volume of water ‚Äėto disappear‚Äô. No process is completely efficient, and assuming this jump generated a great amount of heat, this paper finds that Kiss-Shot would have been hot enough to vaporise any inland volume of water in Japan.

    Antarctica's Kiss-Shot

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    In the light novel series Monogatari, the legendary vampire Kiss-Shot Acerola-Orion Heart-Under-Blade once travelled to Antarctica, wishing to see the aurora australis. However, her method of leaving the continent was to jump from the South Pole to her next destination. The recoil from this jump ‚Äėthreatened to destroy‚Äô the Antarctic landmass. This paper will discuss the implications of this jump using comparisons to crater forming impact events. After considering the composition of Antarctica, the energy generated by said jump would have been greater than the explosive yield of the global nuclear arsenal.¬†

    Immortality is Conditional: Annihilation in Hell

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    In the Bible, the nature of how individuals are punished in Hell has been long debated. In this paper, taking the Annihilationist viewpoint of the body and soul being completely destroyed in the fires of Hell, an estimate of the energy required to do so will be estimated. By considering the binding energies of atomic nuclei, and the nucleons themselves, a value of 6.27 exajoules was calculated in the case of a 70kg human, comparable to the yearly energy consumption of the UK

    The Quintuple Axel: What Are the Risks?

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    Before the International Skating Union (ISU) can consider giving quintuple jumps base values and grades of execution, they should consider the physical risks to their athletes that these jump elements can have. Using approximate heights and weights for a skater, the limits of the most difficult jump, the quintuple axel, will be modelled to determine some of the injuries that could occur from training, landing, and mis-landing it. This paper will use the data from the previous associated paper, [1], for these models, to attempt to determine the severity of the risks, which the ISU should take into consideration before assigning scores which could encourage or discourage skaters to chase the new ‚Äúimpossible‚ÄĚ jump