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    Kinetic Modelling for Tar Evolution and Formation in a Downdraft Gasifier

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    Biomass gasification modeling is a powerful tool used to optimize the design of a gasifier. A detailed kinetic model was built by the current authors [1] to predict the behavior of air blown downdraft gasifier for a wide range of materials within the range of (38≤C≤52) %, (5.2≤H≤7) %, and (21.7≤O≤45) %. The model was verified and showed a good stability for a wide range of working parameters like equivalence ratio and moisture content. In the current research, 4 main tar species are added to the model to represent tar formation using detailed kinetic reactions. The yield of tar species is discussed for different zones of a gasifier based on temperature of each zone. Mass and energy balance are calculated. 18 different kinetic reactions are implemented in the kinetic code to predict the optimum working conditions that leads to the production of higher value producer gas. Results conclude that using ER of 0.3 with moisture content levels lower than 10% will lead to the production of higher yields of syngas with lower amounts of tar

    Polarized Light from the Transportation of a Matter-Antimatter Beam in a Plasma

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    A relativistic electron-positron beam propagating through a magnetized electron-ion plasma is shown to generate both circularly and linearly polarized synchrotron radiation. The degrees of circular and linear polarizations depend both on the density ratio of pair beam to background plasma and initial magnetization, and a maximum degree of circular polarization Pcirc18%\langle P_\textrm{circ}\rangle \approx 18\% is found to occur for a tenuous pair beam. We demonstrate that the generation of circularly polarized radiation is intrinsically linked to asymmetric energy dissipation of the pair beam during the filamentation instability dynamics in the electron-ion plasma. These results can help in understanding the recent observations of circularly polarized radiation from gamma-ray-bursts

    Deformed relativistic and nonrelativistic symmetries on canonical noncommutative spaces

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    We study the general deformed conformal-Poincare (Galilean) symmetries consistent with relativistic (nonrelativistic) canonical noncommutative spaces. In either case we obtain deformed generators, containing arbitrary free parameters, which close to yield new algebraic structures. We show that a particular choice of these parameters reproduces the undeformed algebra. The modified coproduct rules and the associated Hopf algebra are also obtained. Finally, we show that for the choice of parameters leading to the undeformed algebra, the deformations are represented by twist functions.Comment: 9 pages, LaTeX, shortened, version appearing in Phys. Rev.