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    ATLAS Detector Commissioning with Photons

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    An intense commissioning activity of the ATLAS detector has preceded the LHC beam start up. Both cosmics events and in earlier periods test beam events have been utilized. The commission- ing of the ATLAS detector using photons has been an integral part of this effort. In this paper we present the results of these activities following a discussion of the reconstruction of photons in the ATLAS detector

    Photon Commissioning in ATLAS

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    This is a presentation describing the commissioning of the ATLAS detector using photons. Expected performances are presented, together with recent results from cosmics data taken in 2008

    ATLAS Detector Paper Back-Up Note: Electrons and Photons

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    This is the supporting note to the ATLAS Detector paper for electron and photon reconstruction with the Inner Detector. It describes the software used to produce the results presented in the ATLAS Detector paper

    Mobility of thorium ions in liquid xenon

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    We present a measurement of the 226^{226}Th ion mobility in LXe at 163.0 K and 0.9 bar. The result obtained, 0.240±\pm0.011 (stat) ±\pm0.011 (syst) cm2^{2}/(kV-s), is compared with a popular model of ion transport.Comment: 6.5 pages,
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