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    The group of causal automorphisms

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    The group of causal automorphisms on Minkowski space-time is given and its structure is analyzed

    QCD Sum Rule for S_{11}(1535)

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    We propose a new interpolating field for S11_{11}(1535) to determine its mass from QCD sum rules. In the nonrelativistic limit, this interpolating field dominantly reduces to two quarks in the s-wave state and one quark in the p-wave state. An optimization procedure, which makes use of a duality relation, yields the interpolating field which overlaps strongly with the negative-parity baryon and at the same time does not couple at all to the low lying positive-parity baryon. Using this interpolating field and applying the conventional QCD sum rule analysis, we find that the mass of S11_{11} is reasonably close to the experimentally known value, even though the precise determination depends on the poorly known quark-gluon condensate. Hence our interpolating field can be used to investigate the spectral properties of S11_{11}(1535).Comment: 12 pages, Revtex, 1 ps figure available from author

    3D local qupit quantum code without string logical operator

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    Recently Haah introduced a new quantum error correcting code embedded on a cubic lattice. One of the defining properties of this code is the absence of string logical operator. We present new codes with similar properties by relaxing the condition on the local particle dimension. The resulting code is well-defined when the local Hilbert space dimension is prime. These codes can be divided into two different classes: the local stabilizer generators are either symmetric or antisymmetric with respect to the inversion operation. These is a nontrivial correspondence between these two classes. For any symmetric code without string logical operator, there exists a complementary antisymmetric code with the same property and vice versa. We derive a sufficient condition for the absence of string logical operator in terms of the algebraic constraints on the defining parameters of the code. Minimal number of local particle dimension which satisfies the condition is 5. These codes have logarithmic energy barrier for any logical error.Comment: 9 pages, 7 figure