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    The effects of low-load resistance training on activity of daily living of elderly individuals requiring daily life assistance

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    取得学位 : 博士(保健学), 学位授与番号 : 医博甲第1870号 , 学位授与年月日 : 平成19年3月22日, 学位授与大学 : 金沢大学, 審査結果の報告日 : 平成19年2月21日, 主査 : 生田 宗博 , 副査 :染矢 富士子, 能登谷 晶

    Perspective Chapter: Comprehensive Cooperation Agreement with the University Community

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    Universities are the centers of society’s intellectual activities and are places where highly skilled professionals are trained. For managers and businesses, universities are a valuable resource for revitalizing and promoting communities and industries. Achieving this requires multifaceted cooperation and collaboration with universities. In 2017, our university concluded a “comprehensive cooperation agreement” with the city of Hakusan, where the university is located. Last year, the university signed an agreement with Dai-ichi Life Insurance Co., and this year it signed one with Eon Mall Co., Ltd. A variety of projects are currently being planned to be carried out at Eon Mall Hakusan, a major supermarket in the community. The main purpose of these agreements is to help the community develop by solving local problems and fostering new professionals

    The Yuu-yuu Health Circle as a Place for Learning and Playing

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    The Yuu-yuu Health Circle is a place for students to learn and deepen their understanding and interest by putting into practice the knowledge and skills they have gained in class at the university. This chapter introduces its maintenance and promotion activities for older adults in the community that were participated by students of the Departments of Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy at Kinjo University before and during the coronavirus pandemic. The activity method and contents changed significantly during the pandemic. However, as a medical and welfare university, its job to develop human resources that deal with people has not changed. As an educational method toward such purpose, the activities helped students, who need to actively communicate with people of different ages and improve their interpersonal communication skills even during the pandemic