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    Shaping the Macro-Economy in Response to COVID-19: A Responsible Economic Stimulus, a Stable Financial Sector and a Revival in Exports

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    Ensuring a healthy macro-economy is crucial for a high-quality recovery from Covid-19. Engineering appropriate stimulus packages, keeping a stable financial sector and reviving high value-added exports are core tasks of governments across the world as they also try to recover from the economic effects of the pandemic in 2020–2023. Unfortunately, the context in low-income settings looks more depressed because of lack of finance and more vulnerable economies. Informing policy options for a better macro-economy in lower-income settings is a core task of an International Development Research Centre (IDRC)-funded project undertaken by the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) and five other think-tanks. This paper presents a methodology and a range of methods to provide quality research and analysis that can underpin such policy advice.IDRC | CRD

    The Global Financial Crisis and Developing Countries: Phase 2 Synthesis

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    When the global financial crisis broke out in earnest in September 2008, it quickly became clear that developing countries would also be affected, but that the impacts would vary markedly. The Overseas Development Institute (ODI) coordinated a multi-country study over January-March 2009 involving developing country teams in 10 countries. This showed that, while the transmission mechanisms were similar in each (trade, private capital flows, remittances, aid), the effects varied by country, and much was not yet visible. As such, further country-specific monitoring was required. Most findings suggested that, as a result of time lags, the worst effects were yet to come. This synthesis of the effects of the global financial crisis on developing countries updates the description of the economic and social situation during the course of the crisis in 11 countries

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