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    Non-commutative phase and the unitarization of GL_{p,q}(2)

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    In this paper, imposing hermitian conjugate relations on the two-parameter deformed quantum group GL_{p,q}(2) is studied. This results in a non-commutative phase associated with the unitarization of the quantum group. After the achievement of the quantum group U_{p,q}(2) with pq real via a non-commutative phase, the representation of the algebra is built by means of the action of the operators constituting the U_{p,q}(2) matrix on states.Comment: 7 page

    String Theory in the Penrose Limit of AdS_2 x S^2

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    The string theory in the Penrose limit of AdS_2 x S^2 is investigated. The specific Penrose limit is the background known as the Nappi-Witten spacetime, which is a plane-wave background with an axion field. The string theory on it is given as the Wess-Zumino-Novikov-Witten (WZNW) model on non-semi-simple group H_4. It is found that, in the past literature, an important type of irreducible representations of the corresponding algebra, h_4, were missed. We present this "new" representations, which have the type of continuous series representations. All the three types of representations of the previous literature can be obtained from the "new" representations by setting the momenta in the theory to special values. Then we realized the affine currents of the WZNW model in terms of four bosonic free fields and constructed the spectrum of the theory by acting the negative frequency modes of free fields on the ground level states in the h_4 continuous series representation. The spectrum is shown to be free of ghosts, after the Virasoro constraints are satisfied. In particular we argued that there is no need for constraining one of the longitudinal momenta to have unitarity. The tachyon vertex operator, that correspond to a particular state in the ground level of the string spectrum, is constructed. The operator products of the vertex operator with the currents and the energy-momentum tensor are shown to have the correct forms, with the correct conformal weight of the vertex operator.Comment: 30 pages, Latex, no figure

    Characterization of an embedded RF-MEMS switch

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    An RF-MEMS capacitive switch for mm-wave integrated circuits, embedded in the BEOL of 0.25ÎĽm BiCMOS process, has been characterized. First, a mechanical model based on Finite-Element-Method (FEM) was developed by taking the residual stress of the thin film membrane into account. The pull-in voltage and the capacitance values obtained with the mechanical model agree very well with the measured values. Moreover, S-parameters were extracted using Electromagnetic (EM) solver. The data observed in this way also agree well with the experimental ones measured up to 110GHz. The developed RF model was applied to a transmit/receive (T/R) antenna switch design. The results proved the feasibility of using the FEM model in circuit simulations for the development of RF-MEMS switch embedded, single-chip multi-band RF ICs

    Optical microsensor for counting food substance particles in lab-on-a-chips

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    Integrated optical detection is considered to be an important operation in lab-on-a-chips. This paper presents an optical fiber-based micro-sensor that is capable of detecting food substance particles in a lab-on-a-chip. The system consists of a microcontroller and associated circuitry, a laser emitter, a laser receiver, fiber optic cables, a microfluidics chip, and the food substance samples to be tested. When the particles flow through the microfluidic channel in the chip, the receiver’s output voltage varies due to the particles blocking the passage of the laser ray. The changes in the collected signals are analyzed to count the number of particles. Experiments are conducted on several food substance samples including talcum powder, ground ginger, and soy sauce. The experimental results are presented and discussed

    Biological Cell Discrimination Based on Their High Frequency Dielectropheretic Signatures at UHF Frequencies

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    2017 International Microwave Symposium paper entitled "Biological Cell Discrimination Based on Their High Frequency Dielectropheretic Signatures at UHF Frequencies". Honolulu June 4-9th 2017. Amended version: see additional notes.This version amends the wrong naming in the previous record: the conference is the IEEE IMS 2017, not 2018

    Improving the Surface Quality and Mechanical Properties of Selective Laser Sintered PA2200 Components by the Vibratory Surface Finishing Process

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    This paper attempts to improve the physical and mechanical properties of selective laser sintered polyamide PA2200 components through a vibratory surface finishing process by inducing severe plastic deformation at the outer surface layers. The industrial target of additive manufacturing components is to obtain structures having surface roughness, hardness, and other mechanical properties equivalent to or better than those produced conventionally. Compared to the as-built SLS PA2200 samples, vibratory surface finishing treated specimens exhibited a smooth surface microstructure and more favorable roughness, hardness, and tensile strength. Also, the duration of the vibratory surface finishing process showed a further improvement in the surface roughness and hardness of the SLS samples. Compared to the asbuilt state, the roughness and hardness of the surface-treated samples improved by almost 90% and 15%, respectively. Consequently, microstructural analysis indicates that lower surface roughness and enhanced surface hardness is a crucial factor in influencing the overall tensile strength of SLS-PA2200 components. We consider that the combination of VSF and SLS processes can successfully handle a wide range of potential applications. This study also highlights the efficiency and applicability of the vibratory surface finishing process to other additive manufacturing processes and materials

    Development of Silver Ion Doped Antibacterial Clays and Investigation of Their Antibacterial Activity

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    Kaolinite, sepiolite, and clinoptilolite were used as carriers to develop antibacterial materials. The materials were enriched in sodium by ion exchange. Silver ion exchange by silver nitrate followed by phosphoric acid treatment enabled the controlled release of silver. The antibacterial function of the materials was investigated by halo test and the amount of silver released was investigated by energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy. The enhanced antibacterial efficiency was obtained by minimizing the silver release which further provided longevity to the material and prevented the health risks posed by excess silver release

    Point Interaction in two and three dimensional Riemannian Manifolds

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    We present a non-perturbative renormalization of the bound state problem of n bosons interacting with finitely many Dirac delta interactions on two and three dimensional Riemannian manifolds using the heat kernel. We formulate the problem in terms of a new operator called the principal or characteristic operator. In order to investigate the problem in more detail, we then restrict the problem to one particle sector. The lower bound of the ground state energy is found for general class of manifolds, e.g., for compact and Cartan-Hadamard manifolds. The estimate of the bound state energies in the tunneling regime is calculated by perturbation theory. Non-degeneracy and uniqueness of the ground state is proven by Perron-Frobenius theorem. Moreover, the pointwise bounds on the wave function is given and all these results are consistent with the one given in standard quantum mechanics. Renormalization procedure does not lead to any radical change in these cases. Finally, renormalization group equations are derived and the beta-function is exactly calculated. This work is a natural continuation of our previous work based on a novel approach to the renormalization of point interactions, developed by S. G. Rajeev.Comment: 43 page

    Non-conformal Hydrodynamics in Einstein-dilaton Theory

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    In the Einestein-dilaton theory with a Liouville potential parameterized by η\eta, we find a Schwarzschild-type black hole solution. This black hole solution, whose asymptotic geometry is described by the warped metric, is thermodynamically stable only for 0≤η<20 \le \eta < 2. Applying the gauge/gravity duality, we find that the dual gauge theory represents a non-conformal thermal system with the equation of state depending on η\eta. After turning on the bulk vector fluctuations with and without a dilaton coupling, we calculate the charge diffusion constant, which indicates that the life time of the quasi normal mode decreases with η\eta. Interestingly, the vector fluctuation with the dilaton coupling shows that the DC conductivity increases with temperature, a feature commonly found in electrolytes.Comment: 27 pages and 2 figures, published in JHE
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