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    Initial Organizational Images and Recruitment: A Within-Subjects Investigation of the Factors Affecting Job Choices

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    [Excerpt] The purpose of this study was to examine the dimensions, influenceability, and consequences of applicants’ images of prospective employers early in the recruitment and job search process. Specifically, we examined three questions: (1) On what dimensions do applicants assess organizational images early in their job searches? (2) Which recruitment practices contribute to applicants’ organizational images? (3) How do organizational images influence applicants’ decisions to apply to organizations

    Recruitment and Decision-Making: The Effects of Early Recruitment Practices on the Decision to Apply to an Organization

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    This study explored the relationship between early recruitment practices (company visibility, social networking, campus presence and traditional practices) and decision making during the initial phase of the recruitment process. Results indicated that the relationship between early recruitment practices and decisions to apply were mediated by attraction and perceptions of organizational attributes

    Psychological type preferences of female Bible College students in England

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    A sample of 122 female students attending a Pentecostal Bible College in England completed Form G (Anglicised) of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). The data demonstrated preferences for extraversion over introversion, for sensing over intuition, for feeling over thinking, and for judging over perceiving. The predominant type was ISFJ (16%), followed by ESFJ (12%). Comparison with the population norms demonstrated an over-representation of intuitives among this sample of Bible College students

    The Scottish corpus of texts and speech

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    A Witness of Multipartite Entanglement Strata

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    We describe an entanglement witness for NN-qubit mixed states based on the properties of NN-point correlation functions. Depending on the degree of violation, this witness can guarantee that no more than MM qubits are separable from the rest of the state for any MNM\leq N, or that there is some genuine MM-party or greater multipartite entanglement present. We illustrate the use our criterion by investigating the existence of entanglement in thermal stabilizer states, where we demonstrate that the witness is capable of witnessing bound-entangled states. Intriguingly, this entanglement can be shown to persist in the thermodynamic limit at arbitrary temperature.Comment: 7 pages, 1 figur

    Preface - rethinking structural reform in Latin America

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    The process of structural reform in Latin America has thus far been uneven, and various economic crises have raised doubts about reforms’ effectiveness and have caused public support for further reforms to wane. To promote and highlight research exploring structural reform’s impact on economic growth and income distribution in Latin America, the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) cosponsored the conference “Rethinking Structural Reform in Latin America” in October 2003. ; This issue of the Economic Review contains four articles that were among the papers presented at the conference. The preface summarizes the conference speeches, papers, and discussant comments.Economic stabilization