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    Social access: role of digital media in social relations of young people with disabilities

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    Digital media have enabled people with disabilities (PWDs) to connect with each other, but online relations and gaming have been found escapist. We propose the analytical lens of social access to examine how the role of digital media in PWDs’ social relations is shaped by (i) affordances of digital media, (ii) mixedness of relations, and (iii) interaction of online and offline worlds. This paper presents an ethnographic study in a school for young PWDs and highlights two observations. First, visual profiles on social media platforms could aggravate the social exclusion of young PWDs online and offline, marked by intra-disability and intersectional differences. Second, the co-presence afforded by digital media enabled young PWDs to resort to digital interactions in unwelcoming offline environments without changing the latter. Social access underlines the importance of studying how digital media interweave with offline social relations and inequalities, rarely altering but sometimes augmenting and ameliorating them

    Review of K Mean and Fuzzy Clustering Algorithm

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    Data mining is the process of discovering patterns in large data sets. It has attracted a lot of attention from various industries and researchers for critical decision making and development. Researchers has proposed a number of algorithms have been proposed in past for clustering of data as data mining techniques. There are multiple techniques of mining relevant information from existing databases. K-Means is most common used algorithm for clustering. Multiple versions of K-Means have been proposed with different improvements. In this paper, we will review few data clustering techniques

    Nonstandard electroconvection in a bent-core oxadiazole material

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    Electroconvection (EC) phenomena have been investigated in the nematic phase of a bent-core oxadiazole material with negative dielectric anisotropy and a frequency dependent conductivity anisotropy. The formation of longitudinal roll (LR) patterns is one of the predominant features observed in the complete frequency and voltage range studied. At voltages much above the LR threshold, various complex patterns such as the "crisscrossed" pattern, bimodal varicose, and turbulence are observed. Unusually, the nonstandard EC (ns-EC) instability in this material, is observed in a regime in which we measure the dielectric and conductivity anisotropies to be negative and positive respectively. A further significant observation is that the EC displays distinct features in the high and low temperature regimes of the nematic phase, supporting an earlier report that EC patterns could distinguish between regions that have been reported as uniaxial and biaxial nematic phases

    Cytomorphological studies in some members of tribe Paniceae (Poaceae) from district Kangra of Himachal Pradesh (Western Himalayas)

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    The present paper deals with cytological studies on the population basis of 21 species belonging to 9 genera of tribe Paniceae of family Poaceae from cytologically unexplored area of Western Himalayas i.e. district Kangra of Himachal Pradesh for the assessment of genetic diversity of grass flora. On world­wide basis, the chromosome counts have been made for the first time for three species such as Brachiaria remota (n = 16), Digitaria granularis (n = 36) and Isachne albens (n = = 5). Similarly, on India basis, altogether new records are made for two species such as Echinochloa crus­pavonis (n = 27) and Paspalum distichum (2n = 50). A comparison of the different euploid cytotypes studied at present for Digitaria adscendens, D. setigera and Oplismenus compositus revealed significant variations in their morphology, depicting increase in some of the characters of polyploid cytotypes. The course of meiosis has been observed to be normal in all the studied populations with high pollen fertility except for two species such as Paspalum dilatatum and P. distichum marked with abnormal meiosis and reduced pollen fertility.Проведено цитологическое исследование популяции из 21 вида, принадлежащих к 9 родам трибы Paniceae семейства Poaceae из цитологически не изученных областей Западных Гималаев (район Kangra штата Himachal Pradesh) для определения генетического разнообразия злаков. В мировом масштабе впервые осуществлены подсчеты хромосом для трех видов – Brachiaria remota (n = 16), Digitaria granularis (n = 36) и Isachne albens (n = 5). Аналогично, в масштабе Индии новые данные получены для двух видов – Echinochloa crus-pavonis (n = 27) и Paspalum distichum (2n = 50). Сравнение различных эуплоидных цитотипов Digitaria adscendens, D. setigera и Oplismenus compositus показало значительную изменчивость их морфологии, отражающую увеличение некоторых признаков полиплоидных цитотипов. Изучение хода мейоза позволило установить, что он происходил нормально во всех популяциях с высокой фертильностью пыльцы, кроме Paspalum dilatatum и P. distichum, которые отличались аномальными мейозами и сниженной фертильностью пыльцы.Проведено цитологічне дослідження популяції з 21 виду, що належать до 9 родів триби Paniceae сімейства Poaceae з цитологічно не вивчених областей Західних Гімалаїв (район Kangra штату Himachal Pradesh) для визначення генетичної різноманітності злаків. У світовому масштабі вперше здійснено підрахунки хромосом для видів – Brachiaria remota (n = 16), Digitaria granularis (n = 36) і Isachne albens (n = 5). Аналогічно, в масштабі Індії нові дані отримані для двох видів – Echinochloa crus-pavonis (n = 27) і Paspalum distichum (2n = 50). Порівняння різних еуплоїдних цитотипів Digitaria adscendens, D. setigera і Oplismenus compositus показало значну мінливість їхньої морфології, що відображає збільшення деяких ознак поліплоїдних цитотипів. Вивчення ходу мейозу дозволило встановити, що він відбувався нормально в усіх популяціях з високою фертильністю пилку , крім Paspalum dilatatum і P. distichum, які відзначались аномальними мейозами та зниженою фертильністю пилку