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    Big Data and Learning Analytics

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    This paper gives an overview of big data and its various application areas. One of the application areas in terms of education is Learning Analytic ,which in Horizon Report has been cited as the fast growing field. This Review paper gives an overview and idea of . Learning Analytics, its objectives, types and application areas

    Awareness and use of e-journals: a study of Guru Nanak dev university, Amritsar and Punjabi university, Patiala

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    Electronic journal is a growing phenomenon. It saves the space and delivery problems of libraries. It also facilitates the user with search, download, portability and many other features. The present study is based on a survey of use of electronic journals by researchers of Punjabi University, Patiala and Guru Nanak Dev University Amritsar. The present study revealed the awareness and purpose of using e-journals. The stratification level of users from e-journals is also discussed in the study. The collected data represented graphically

    Ethical Tensions of Library and Information Science Profession: Theoretical Perspective

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    The present paper focuses on the issue of professional ethics and related problems in the field of Library and Information Science. The study, to begin with, reveals the dichotomy of professional ethics from the general social ethics through visible boundaries and jurisdictions. Further, some most general and universally found issues and reasons of ethical tensions are discussed. The study argues that unawareness about professional ethics, lack of universal patterns of ethics as well as universal mechanism for the implementation and the dilemma of social ethics versus professional ethics are the issues, which result in ethical tensions. Besides these, in certain cases, the individual preference of a library professional to self-interest while ignoring the professional ethics also creates problems. The study suggests that a universal mechanism of prescribing and implementing the professional ethics in the field of Library and Information Science is sturdily required to reduce the amount as well as enormity of ethical tensions in the discipline

    Photocatalytic degradation of ketorolac tromethamine (KTC) drug in aqueous phase using prepared Ag-doped ZnO microplates

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    In this study, Ag-doped ZnO microplates were prepared via precipitation technique and further characterized by FESEM, EDS, XRD, FTIR, TGA, XPS, UV-DRS and RT-PL techniques. The outcomes indicated that Ag+ ions were well incorporated into ZnO lattice leading to the absorption of ZnO in visible region as well as effective charge separation. The photocatalytic experiments showed that Ag-doped ZnO microplates show higher catalytic activity (91%) than bare ZnO (71%) for the degradation of KTC drug under solar illumination. The photocatalytic degradation of KTC drug over Ag doped ZnO microplates obeyed pseudo first-order kinetics model. Also, the role of active species was examined by the addition of several scavengers in the photocatalytic degradation system. The results indicated that h+, •OHs, 1O2 and •OH were considered as prime reactive species in photocatalytic degradation process

    Enhancing Accuracy of Disease Prediction of KNN and Euclidean Distance using Hybrid Approach

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    Health monitoring is critical issue associated with now day lifestyle. Lack of time is causing serious issues corresponding to health. Proposed literature focus on this key aspect and provide mechanism to generate accurate predictions corresponding to parameters fetched from dataset. Hybrid approach of K Nearest neighbour and Euclidean distance is used for enhancement in health prediction. For demonstration dataset derived from UCI is utilized. Simulation results suggest considerable improvement over KNN and Euclidean distance mechanism during prediction

    Targeted Based Drug Delivery System for Colon Cancer

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    Regardless of so many advancements in the treatment, colon cancer still stands third in cancer-related deaths worldwide. Toxicity associated with conventional drugs is one of the major problems associated with chemotherapy. Targeted delivery works by concentrating the medication in the tissues of interest and reducing the concentration in remaining tissues. This delivery system helps the drug molecule to reach preferably to the desired site. The targeting will lower the requirement of a higher dose of the drug thus reducing the dosage frequency. The present review focuses on the various parameters of targeted drug delivery including the criteria for selection of drug and factors affecting the targeted drug delivery and also includes the brief discussion about different targeted drug deliveries for colon cancer therapies. Keywords: colon cancer, targeted drug delivery, chemotherapie