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    Coherent optical control of polarization with a critical metasurface

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    We describe the mechanism by which a metamaterial surface can act as an ideal phase-controlled rotatable linear polarizer. With equal-power linearly polarized beams incident on each side of the surface, varying the relative phase rotates the polarization angles of the output beams, while keeping the polarization exactly linear. The explanation is based on coupled-mode theory and the idea of coherent perfect absorption into auxiliary polarization channels. The polarization-rotating behavior occurs at a critical point of the coupled-mode theory, which can be associated with the exceptional point of a parity-time (PT) symmetric effective Hamiltonian

    Synthetic vision and emotion calculation in intelligent virtual human modeling

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    The virtual human technique already can provide vivid and believable human behaviour in more and more scenarios. Virtual humans are expected to replace real humans in hazardous situations to undertake tests and feed back valuable information. This paper will introduce a virtual human with a novel collision-based synthetic vision, short-term memory model and a capability to implement the emotion calculation and decision making. The virtual character based on this model can ‘see’ what is in his field of view (FOV) and remember those objects. After that, a group of affective computing equations have been introduced. These equations have been implemented into a proposed emotion calculation process to enlighten emotion for virtual intelligent huma

    Microscopic origin of light emission in Al_yGa_{1-y}N/GaN superlattice: Band profile and active site

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    We present first-principles calculations of AlGaN/GaN superlattice, clarifying the microscopic origin of the light emission and revealing the effect of local polarization within the quantum well. Profile of energy band and distributions of electrons and holes demonstrate the existence of a main active site in the well responsible for the main band-edge light emission. This site appears at the position where the local polarization becomes zero. With charge injection, the calculated optical spectra show that the broadening of the band gap at the active site leads to the blueshift of emission wavelength

    Human motion modeling and simulation by anatomical approach

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    To instantly generate desired infinite realistic human motion is still a great challenge in virtual human simulation. In this paper, the novel emotion effected motion classification and anatomical motion classification are presented, as well as motion capture and parameterization methods. The framework for a novel anatomical approach to model human motion in a HTR (Hierarchical Translations and Rotations) file format is also described. This novel anatomical approach in human motion modelling has the potential to generate desired infinite human motion from a compact motion database. An architecture for the real-time generation of new motions is also propose

    Gauge/String-Gravity Duality and Froissart Bound

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    The gauge/string-gravity duality correspondence opened renewed hope and possibility to address some of the fundamental and non-perturbative QCD problems in particle physics, such as hadron spectrum and Regge behavior of the scattering amplitude at high energies. One of the most fundamental and long-standing problem is the high energy behavior of total cross-sections. According to a series of exhaustive tests by the COMPETE group, (1). total cross-sections have a universal Heisenberg behavior in energy corresponding to the maximal energy behavior allowed by the Froissart bound, i.e., A+Bln2(s/s0)A + B ln^2 (s/s_0) with B0.32mbB \sim 0.32 mb and s034.41GeV2s_0 \sim 34.41 GeV^2 for all reactions, and (2). the factorization relation among σpp,even,σγp,andσγγ\sigma_{pp, even}, \sigma_{\gamma p}, and \sigma_{\gamma \gamma} is well satisfied by experiments. I discuss the recent interesting application of the gauge/string-gravity duality of AdS/CFTAdS/CFT correspondence with a deformed background metric so as to break the conformal symmetry that can lead to the Heisenberg behavior of rising total cross-sections, and present some preliminary results on the high energy QCD from Planckian scattering in AdSAdS and black-hole production.Comment: 10 pages, Presented to the Coral Gables Conference 2003, Launching of BelleE\'poque in High Energy Physics and Cosmology, 17 - 21 December 2003, Fort Lauderdale, Florid