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    Chiral Lagrangian and spectral sum rules for dense two-color QCD

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    We analytically study two-color QCD with an even number of flavors at high baryon density. This theory is free from the fermion sign problem. Chiral symmetry is broken spontaneously by the diquark condensate. Based on the symmetry breaking pattern we construct the low-energy effective Lagrangian for the Nambu-Goldstone bosons. We identify a new epsilon-regime at high baryon density in which the quark mass dependence of the partition function can be determined exactly. We also derive Leutwyler-Smilga-type spectral sum rules for the complex eigenvalues of the Dirac operator in terms of the fermion gap. Our results can in principle be tested in lattice QCD simulations.Comment: 24 pages, 1 table, no figur

    Combined effect of frustration and dimerization in ferrimagnetic chains and square lattice

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    Within the zero-temperature linear spin-wave theory we have investigated the effect of frustration and dimerization of a Heisenberg system with alternating spins s1s_{1} and s2s_{2} on one- and two-dimensional lattices. The combined effect most visibly appears in the elementary excitation spectra. In contrast to the ground state energy that decreases with dimerization and increases with frustration, the excitation energies are shown to be suppressed in energy by both dimerization and frustration. The threshold value of frustration that signals a transition from a classical ferrimagnetic state to a spiral state, decreases with dimerization, showing that dimerization further helps in the phase transition. The correlation length and sublattice magnetization decrease with both dimerization and frustration indicating the destruction of the long-range classical ferrimagnetic. The linear spin wave theory shows that in the case of a square lattice, dimerization initially opposes the frustration-led transition to a spiral magnetic state, but then higher magnitudes of lattice deformation facilitate the transition. It also shows that the transition to spiral state is inhibited in a square lattice beyond a certain value of dimerization.Comment: 8 pages, latex, 12 postscript figure

    Spectral Continuity in Dense QCD

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    The vector mesons in three-flavor quark matter with chiral and diquark condensates are studied using the in-medium QCD sum rules. The diquark condensate leads to a mass splitting between the flavor-octet and flavor-singlet channels. At high density, the singlet vector meson disappears from the low-energy spectrum, while the octet vector mesons survive as light excitations with a mass comparable to the fermion gap. A possible connection between the light gluonic modes and the flavor-octet vector mesons at high density is also discussed.Comment: 4 pages, 3 figures; version to appear in Phys. Rev.

    Ground State Property of an Alternating Spin Ladder Involving Two Kinds of Inter-Chain Interactions

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    The ground state property of the alternating spin ladder is studied in the case that the system involves an antiferromagnetic intra-chain interaction as well as two kinds of inter-chain interactions; one is between spins of the same magnitude and the other is between spins with different magnitudes. The calculation has been carried out by the exact diagonalization method. As a consequence of the competition among interactions, the system is revealed to show an interesting variety of phases in the ground state property. Its phase diagram is exhibited in the parameter space of the system. We find that, however small the total amount of the inter-chain interactions is, the ferrimagnetic ground state becomes unstable in a certain region. In this case, which of the ferrimagnetic and the singlet ground state to appear is determined only by the ratio between the inter-chain interactions regardless of their total amount. The nature of two phases appearing in the singlet region of the phase diagram and the type of the phase transition between them are also discussed. The results are ensured by comparing with those of obtained in other models which are contained in our model as special limiting cases.Comment: 12 pages, 9 PostScript figure