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    Study of the mapping of Navier-Stokes algorithms onto multiple-instruction/multiple-data-stream computers

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    Implicit approximate-factored algorithms have certain properties that are suitable for parallel processing. A particular computational fluid dynamics (CFD) code, using this algorithm, is mapped onto a multiple-instruction/multiple-data-stream (MIMD) computer architecture. An explanation of this mapping procedure is presented, as well as some of the difficulties encountered when trying to run the code concurrently. Timing results are given for runs on the Ames Research Center's MIMD test facility which consists of two VAX 11/780's with a common MA780 multi-ported memory. Speedups exceeding 1.9 for characteristic CFD runs were indicated by the timing results

    Training Induced Positive Exchange Bias in NiFe/IrMn Bilayers

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    Positive exchange bias has been observed in the Ni81_{81}Fe19_{19}/Ir20_{20}Mn80_{80} bilayer system via soft x-ray resonant magnetic scattering. After field cooling of the system through the blocking temperature of the antiferromagnet, an initial conventional negative exchange bias is removed after training i. e. successive magnetization reversals, resulting in a positive exchange bias for a temperature range down to 30 K below the blocking temperature (450 K). This new manifestation of magnetic training is discussed in terms of metastable magnetic disorder at the magnetically frustrated interface during magnetization reversal.Comment: 4 pages, 3 figure

    Transient heat and mass transfer analysis of supercritical cryogenic storage systems with spherical static heaters Final report

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    Transient heat and mass transfer analysis of supercritical cryogenic storage systems with spherical static heaters by computer progra

    Dual Behavior of Antiferromagnetic Uncompensated Spins in NiFe/IrMn Exchange Biased Bilayers

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    We present a comprehensive study of the exchange bias effect in a model system. Through numerical analysis of the exchange bias and coercive fields as a function of the antiferromagnetic layer thickness we deduce the absolute value of the averaged anisotropy constant of the antiferromagnet. We show that the anisotropy of IrMn exhibits a finite size effect as a function of thickness. The interfacial spin disorder involved in the data analysis is further supported by the observation of the dual behavior of the interfacial uncompensated spins. Utilizing soft x-ray resonant magnetic reflectometry we have observed that the antiferromagnetic uncompensated spins are dominantly frozen with nearly no rotating spins due to the chemical intermixing, which correlates to the inferred mechanism for the exchange bias.Comment: 4 pages, 3 figure

    V2:Performance of the solid deuterium ultra-cold neutron source at the pulsed reactor TRIGA Mainz

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    The performance of the solid deuterium ultra-cold neutron source at the pulsed reactor TRIGA Mainz with a maximum peak energy of 10 MJ is described. The solid deuterium converter with a volume of V=160 cm3 (8 mol), which is exposed to a thermal neutron fluence of 4.5x10^13 n/cm2, delivers up to 550 000 UCN per pulse outside of the biological shield at the experimental area. UCN densities of ~ 10/cm3 are obtained in stainless steel bottles of V ~ 10 L resulting in a storage efficiency of ~20%. The measured UCN yields compare well with the predictions from a Monte Carlo simulation developed to model the source and to optimize its performance for the upcoming upgrade of the TRIGA Mainz into a user facility for UCN physics.Comment: 23 pages, 8 figure

    Passive Retention/Expulsion Methods for Subcritical Storage of Cryogens

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    Development of passive retention/expulsion system for subcritical storage of cryogenic material during low gravity situation

    Q value and half-life of double-electron capture in Os-184

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    Os-184 has been excluded as a promising candidate for the search of neutrinoless double-electron capture. High-precision mass measurements with the Penning-trap mass spectrometer TRIGA-TRAP resulted in a marginal resonant enhancement with = -8.89(58) keV excess energy to the 1322.152(22) keV 0+ excited state in W-184. State-of-the-art energy density functional calculations are applied for the evaluation of the nuclear matrix elements to the excited states predicting a strong suppression due to the large deformation of mother and daughter states. The half-life of the transition in Os-184 exceeds T_{1/2} > 1.3 10^{29} years for an effective neutrino mass of 1 eV.Comment: accepted in Phys. Rev.

    Evaluating Influenza Vaccination Practices among COPD Patients

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    Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) stands as a global health concern linked to considerable morbidity and mortality. In Jordan, the prevalence of COPD is substantial, but research in this area is limited. Exacerbations of COPD can lead to severe outcomes, including hospitalization and increased cardiovascular risk. Influenza is a significant trigger of exacerbations in COPD patients, and vaccination is recommended. However, studies have shown negative attitudes towards the influenza vaccine. This cross-sectional study aimed to investigate the knowledge, attitudes, practices, and intentions of COPD patients in Jordan regarding influenza vaccination. Data were collected through a custom-designed questionnaire from 300 COPD patients. The study revealed low influenza vaccination rates, with forgetfulness and lack of knowledge about vaccine effectiveness being the main barriers. Higher knowledge and positive attitudes were associated with greater intention to vaccinate. To tackle these challenges, it is recommended to implement customized health education campaigns, foster collaborations with healthcare providers, and engage in community-focused initiatives to enhance acceptance of the influenza vaccine among COPD patients in Jordan. These findings underscore the importance of addressing knowledge gaps and negative attitudes to enhance vaccine uptake and improve health outcomes for COPD patients

    Magnetism and interlayer coupling in fcc Fe/Co films

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    The magnetism of epitaxial fee Fe films deposited on Co(100) and sandwiched between two Co(100) films was investigated by x-ray magnetic circular dichroism. The dependence of the Fe magnetism on the film thickness is complex and qualitatively similar on Co(100) and in fee Co/Fe/Co(100) trilayers. The fee Fe film magnetization presents a pronounced oscillation, suggesting a partial antiferromagnetic ordering in the 5-10 monolayer thickness range. The fee Fe films mediate an oscillatory, indirect coupling in Co/Fe/Co(100) structures that alternates in correspondence with the changes of the Fe magnetization
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