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    Evolutionary L∞ identification and model reduction for robust control

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    An evolutionary approach for modern robust control oriented system identification and model reduction in the frequency domain is proposed. The technique provides both an optimized nominal model and a 'worst-case' additive or multiplicative uncertainty bounding function which is compatible with robust control design methodologies. In addition, the evolutionary approach is applicable to both continuous- and discrete-time systems without the need for linear parametrization or a confined problem domain for deterministic convex optimization. The proposed method is validated against a laboratory multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) test rig and benchmark problems, which show a higher fitting accuracy and provides a tighter L�¢���� error bound than existing methods in the literature do

    Impacts of Ageing Population on Monetary and Exchange Rate Managements in Singapore

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    This paper finds that the ageing of the population in Singapore will cause a reversal of the current net Central Provident Fund (CPF) contribution into a substantial net CPF withdrawal from 2025, with a peak occurring at 2035. The result is qualitatively robust to changes in the underlying assumptions of the projection. The paper then highlights the implications of this change on the exchange rate and monetary managements in Singapore. First, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS)’s ability to influence Singapore’s exchange rate will be greatly hampered. Second, the net CPF withdrawal will mean sustained liquidity injection into (instead of the usual liquidity drain from) the economy. To avoid unnecessary inflation, the MAS has to find a sustainable way to mob up the excess liquidity due to the sustained liquidity injection. As a simple reversal of MAS’s current foreign exchange market operation will result in substantial shrinkage of foreign reserves, the paper proposes the issuance of government bonds to achieve the dual objectives of mobbing up the excess liquidity and avoiding the shrinkage of foreign reserves. This measure will also help the bond market development in Singapore. Finally, the paper proposes two other measures that can help maintain MAS’s influence on Singapore’s exchange rate to a reasonable level in the longer future.Ageing Population, Central Provident Fund, Exchange Rate System, Monetary Policy, Singapore.

    The Chiral Extension of Lattice QCD

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    The chiral extension of Quantum Chromodynamics (XQCD) adds to the standard lattice action explicit pseudoscalar meson fields for the chiral condensates. With this action, it is feasible to do simulations at the chiral limit with zero mass Goldstone modes. We review the arguments for why this is expected to be in the same universality class as the traditional action. We present preliminary results on convergence of XQCD for naive fermions and on the methodology for introducing counter terms to restore chiral symmetry for Wilson fermions.Comment: 7 pages, LATTICE 94 talk by R. Brower: Latex file with 2 postscript figures for encapsulatio

    Digital Heritage Gamification: An Augmented-Virtual Walkthrough to Learn and Explore Tangible Cultural Heritage

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    In the last decade, cultural heritage including historical sites are reconstructed into digital heritage. Based on UNESCO , digital heritage defines as “cultural, educational, scientific and administrative resources, as well as technical, legal, medical and other kinds of information created digitally, or converted into digital form from existing analogue resources”. In addition, the digital heritage is doubling in size every two years and expected will grow tenfold between 2013 and 2020. In order to attract and stir the interest of younger generations about digital heritage, gamification has been widely promoted. In this research, a virtual walkthrough combine with gamifications are proposed for learning and exploring historical places in Malaysia by using mobile device. In conjunction with Visit Perak 2017 Campaign, this virtual walkthrough is proposed for Kellie’s Castle at Perak. The objectives of this research are two folds 1) modelling and design of innovative mobile game for virtual walkthrough application, and 2) to attract tourist to explore and learn historical places by using sophisticated graphics from Augmented Reality. The efficiency and effectiveness of the mobile virtual walkthrough will be accessed by the International and local tourists. In conclusion, this research is speculated to be pervasively improve the cultural and historical knowledge of the learners