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    The Cost of Obeying the Law?: The Seventh Circuit Rejects the Bona Fide Error Defense from a Debt Collector Who Followed the Then-Binding Law

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    It is expected that people should follow the law, which includes the statutes themselves and the judicial rulings interpreting those statutes. However, if the binding judicial interpretation changes, should the parties be liable for their behavior following the old binding judicial interpretation of a federal statute at the time when it was still in effect? Or, should there be any defense that would allow the parties to shield themselves from liability for a good-faith reliance on the old binding judicial interpretation

    Factors Influencing College Students' Choice of Takeout Vendors –Study in Chengdu, China

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    In today's increasingly fierce competition in the catering industry, the takeout industry also develops rapidly. More and more catering enterprises begin to pay attention to catering delivery. According to the delivery data show that some vendors sell more takeout food than they do in brick-and-mortar stores. Takeout greatly meets the needs of college students, who therefore become the mainstream group in the takeout industry in China. At present, there are various forms in the takeout market, so it is particularly important to study the factors affecting college students' choice of takeout vendors.Based on the Theory of Consumer Behavior and Technology Acceptance Model and previous research review,four factors are identified which are User Review,Price,Delivery Time,and Business Service that influence college students' consumption behavior.Target population is Chinese college students in Chengdu city, China.384 survey questionnaire were collected via online using convenience and snowball sampling.Descriptive statistics and inferential statistics were utilized to describe demographic characteristics and do hypotheses testing. The results showed that user reviews, delivery time, and business service selection had significant effects.According to the research model and conclusion, suggestions are put forward for the development  of takeout vendors in college students' market