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    Quantum Phase diagram and time-of-flight absorption pictures of ultracold Bose system in a square optical superlattice

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    In this letter, by the use of the generalized effective potential theory, with the help of process-chain approach under the framework of Kato formulation of perturbation expansion, we calculate out the quantum phase diagram up to 8-th order for an ultracold Bose system in a square optical superlattice. Base on these perturbative data, with the help of the linear fit extrapolation technique, more accurate results are gotten, which are in excellent agreement with recent Monte-Carlo numerical results. Moreover, by employing the generalized re-summed Green's function method and cumulant expansion, the momentum distribution function of the system is also calculated analytically and the time-of-flight absorption pictures of the system are plotted.Comment: 6 pages, 6 figure