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    Method and data evaluation at NASA endocrine laboratory

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    The biomedical data of the astronauts on Skylab 3 were analyzed to evaluate the univariate statistical methods for comparing endocrine series experiments in relation to other medical experiments. It was found that an information storage and retrieval system was needed to facilitate statistical analyses

    Potts Models on Feynman Diagrams

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    We investigate numerically and analytically Potts models on ``thin'' random graphs -- generic Feynman diagrams, using the idea that such models may be expressed as the N --> 1 limit of a matrix model. The thin random graphs in this limit are locally tree-like, in distinction to the ``fat'' random graphs that appear in the planar Feynman diagram limit, more familiar from discretized models of two dimensional gravity. The interest of the thin graphs is that they give mean field theory behaviour for spin models living on them without infinite range interactions or the boundary problems of genuine tree-like structures such as the Bethe lattice. q-state Potts models display a first order transition in the mean field for q>2, so the thin graph Potts models provide a useful test case for exploring discontinuous transitions in mean field theories in which many quantities can be calculated explicitly in the saddle point approximation.Comment: 10 pages, latex, + 6 postscript figure

    Crossover Between Weakly and Strongly Self-avoiding Random Surfaces

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    We investigate the crossover between weak and strong self-avoidance in a simulation of random surfaces with extrinsic curvature. We consider both dynamically triangulated and rigid surfaces with the two possible discretizations of the extrinsic curvature term.Comment: 5 page