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    Qualification of silicon photomultipliers and readout boards for use in protoDUNE photon detectors

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    2018 Spring.Includes bibliographical references.The study of neutrinos is a major component of modern High Energy Physics research. Neutrinos have been shown to have properties not predicted by the Standard Model, such as having non-zero mass. The Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment (DUNE) is a project in development which seeks to better understand neutrino physics. Part of the project includes designing a prototype detector for testing at CERN, which has been dubbed protoDUNE. Both DUNE and protoDUNE will consist of liquid argon time projection chambers, and a photon detection system. The photosensors used in the photon detection system will need to be submerged in cryogenic liquid, and will have to undergo thermal cycling as many as 5 times through their lifetime. The design installed in protoDUNE will use SensL C-Series SiPMs as photosensors, which have not been rated to operate below −40°C. This project sought to determine how these devices operate under repeated thermal cycles. Mounting boards were designed to measure the SiPM operation, and a cold test system was built which allows for repeated thermal cycling of these boards and their SiPMs. The data were closely examined to search for any issues arising, in particular searching for any problems consistent with damage to the SiPMs

    Systematic Racism in the U.S.: Disproportionate African American Maternal Mortality Rates

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    Black mothers in the United States have significantly higher mortality rates than all other American racial or ethnic groups, even when factors such as education, income, and overall health are controlled for. We considered whether life experiences of systemic racism contribute to poor maternal health for black women. Through literary analysis and an interview with a medical anthropologist, we found indications that higher incidences of maternal mortality are not due to genetic factors shared among African-American women. Rather, along with other cultural factors, continuous exposure to racism strains the body in ways that negatively impact maternal health. Our research highlights the often misunderstood health outcomes of black mothers in the United States that results from a system of inequality.https://orb.binghamton.edu/research_days_posters_spring2020/1038/thumbnail.jp

    Elevate Dental

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    During a dental procedure, patients are often required to have a bite block placed in their mouths to keep them open for the duration of their procedure. These can be very uncomfortable for patients due to lack of properly-fitting sizes. This project presents an alternative fully adjustable bite block that is affordable, comfortable, and easy to use for dental personnel.The bite block is a two piece side loading design that uses interlocking teeth to supply a range of five sizes


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    Industrial Organization, Livestock Production/Industries,

    Reiter syndrome following protracted symptoms of Cyclospora infection.

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    Two large outbreaks of diarrheal illness associated with Cyclospora cayetanensis, a coccidian parasite, provided an opportunity to evaluate clinical syndromes associated with this enteric pathogen. Reiter syndrome, a triad of ocular inflammation, inflammatory oligoarthritis, and sterile urethritis, has been associated with enteric infections. We describe the first case of Reiter syndrome following protracted symptoms of Cyclospora infection

    Scholarly research productivity among ophthalmology residency graduates

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    Purpose: The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) requires that ophthalmology residents participate in scholarly activity during residency. However, to our knowledge it is unknown whether research publications during undergraduate, medical school, residency or fellowship training predict future academic publication performance among ophthalmologists. The aim of this study was to (1) measure scholarly research productivity (as measured by the H-index) among ophthalmology residency graduates, as measured by peer-reviewed publication output, and its relation to future publication output, and (2) evaluate whether scholarly impact of academic ophthalmologists is correlated with any specific characteristics.Methods: This study is cross-sectional in nature and included a random sample of 50 ophthalmology residency programs. From each program, a list of graduating residents from years 2013, 2014, and 2015 was compiled and each graduate was search on Scopus, PubMed, and Google Scholar. The publications of each graduate were then identified and data was extracted and collected in a double blind, duplicate fashion by 2 investigators. Research publication output was then stratified and analyzed.Results: Graduates that had a higher mean total publication (M = 9.11, SD=12.91) were significantly more likely to pursue a fellowship than those that did not (M=2.68, SD=3.16) (t234= -3.9, p = .0001). Graduates with more first person publications and higher H-index values were also significantly more likely to pursue fellowships (t234= -3.78, p = 0.0002) (t234= -3.93, p = 0.0001).Graduates that had a higher mean total publication (M = 14.2, SD= 18.19) were more likely to pursue academic careers than those that did not (M=4.57, SD = 4.88) (t234= -6.3, p = 0 .0001). Graduates with more first person publications and higher H-index values were also significantly more likely to pursue academic careers (t234= -5.17, p = 0.001) (t234= -4.84, p <0.0001). Gender proved to not be a significant determination of research pursuit in terms of publication or first person publication numbers (t234= -1.01, p = .3107) (t234= -0.53, p = .5949). However, H-index values for men (M = 3.06, SD= 3.47 ) and women (M = 2.52, SD=2.64) were significantly different (t234= -3.9, p = 0.0406).Conclusion: The positive correlation between the between graduates' research productivity and career and future research outcomes could present an interesting aspect for viewing candidates for fellowship or careers. The correlation demonstrates that students who performed research before and during residency were more productive with research after residency. This could present a positive reason to select an individual for a fellowship or academic program. The lack of research conversely indicates a likelihood of low research productivity. This could potentially negatively impact candidates. The evaluation of an individual's H-value, first-person publications, or total number of publications can then possibly be supplementary for decision making or gauge potential

    The Impact of Sensory Deprivation and Sensory-Based Intervention for Incarcerated Adults Over the Age of 65

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    This critically appraised topic (CAT) focuses on sensory-based interventions for improving the quality of life for older adults who are incarcerated in the United States. There are many aspects to this topic; sensory deprivation in the prison system is addressed first, followed by the importance of sensory-based interventions, and finally the relationship between occupational therapy and quality of life

    Teak Efficiency and Environmental Education Methods for Batipa

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    We have addressed three issues in this project regarding the Batipa Peninsula and the surrounding areas: solutions for teak by-products, reconnecting wildlife corridors, and the sustainability of the Chiriquí Province through education. Our mission was to create effective and attainable solutions for these issues. We conducted primary research, via interviews and on-site visits, to find low-cost, low-risk solutions for these problems. Our recommendations included new equipment for better teak efficiency, construction of permanent structures for wildlife, planned future projects, proposed classes, critiqued Oteima’s online presence, and generated new tourism itineraries for Batipa
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