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    Nucleons Properties at Finite Lattice Spacing in Chiral Perturbation Theory

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    Properties of the proton and neutron are studied in partially-quenched chiral perturbation theory at finite lattice spacing. Masses, magnetic moments, the matrix elements of isovector twist-2 operators and axial-vector currents are examined at the one-loop level in a double expansion in the light-quark masses and the lattice spacing. This work will be useful in extrapolating the results of simulations using Wilson valence and sea quarks, as well as simulations using Wilson sea quarks and Ginsparg-Wilson valence quarks, to the continuum.Comment: 16 pages LaTe

    Negative Parity 70-plet Baryon Masses in the 1/Nc Expansion

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    The masses of the negative parity SU(6) 70-plet baryons are analyzed in the 1/Nc expansion to order 1/Nc and to first order in SU(3) breaking. At this level of precision there are twenty predictions. Among them there are the well known Gell-Mann Okubo and equal spacing relations, and four new relations involving SU(3) breaking splittings in different SU(3) multiplets. Although the breaking of SU(6) symmetry occurs at zeroth order in 1/Nc, it turns out to be small. The dominant source of the breaking is the hyperfine interaction which is of order 1/Nc. The spin-orbit interaction, of zeroth order in 1/Nc, is entirely fixed by the splitting between the singlet states Lambda(1405) and Lambda(1520), and the spin-orbit puzzle is solved by the presence of other zeroth order operators involving flavor exchange.Comment: 31 pages, 3 figure

    Long distance regularization in chiral perturbation theory with decuplet

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    We investigate the use of long distance regularization in SU(3) baryon chiral perturbation theory with decuplet fields. The one-loop decuplet contributions to the octet baryon masses, axial couplings, S-wave nonleptonic hyperon decays and magnetic moments are evaluated in a chirally consistent fashion by employing a cutoff to implement long distance regularization. The convergence of the chiral expansions of these quantities is improved compared to the dimensionally regularized version which indicates that the propagation of Goldstone bosons over distances smaller than a typical hadronic size, which is beyond the regime of chiral perturbation theory but included by dimensional regularization, is removed by use of a cutoff.Comment: 31 page

    Decay Modes of Narrow Molecular Resonances

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    présenté par Sandrine Courtin (DRS-IPHC)The heavy-ion radiative capture reactions 12C(12C,γ)24Mg^{12}C(^{12}C,\gamma)^{24}Mg and 12C(16O,γ)28Si^{12}C(^{16}O,\gamma)^{28}Si have been performed on and off resonance at TRIUMF using the Dragon separator and its associated BGO array. The decay of the studied narrow resonances has been shown to proceed predominantly through quasi-bound doorway states which cluster and deformed configurations would have a large overlap with the entry resonance states

    Generation of Primordial Cosmological Perturbations from Statistical Mechanical Models

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    The initial conditions describing seed fluctuations for the formation of structure in standard cosmological models, i.e.the Harrison-Zeldovich distribution, have very characteristic ``super-homogeneous'' properties: they are statistically translation invariant, isotropic, and the variance of the mass fluctuations in a region of volume V grows slower than V. We discuss the geometrical construction of distributions of points in R3{\bf R}^3 with similar properties encountered in tiling and in statistical physics, e.g. the Gibbs distribution of a one-component system of charged particles in a uniform background (OCP). Modifications of the OCP can produce equilibrium correlations of the kind assumed in the cosmological context. We then describe how such systems can be used for the generation of initial conditions in gravitational NN-body simulations.Comment: 7 pages, 3 figures, final version with minor modifications, to appear in PR
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