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    Teachers' personality types and their attitude toward receiving and employing postobservation feedback

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    Classroom observation has been long considered a power-ful tool for evaluating and monitoring teachers' perform-ance and progress. Teachers can benefit from the feedbackduring the postobservation conference but giving feedbackis not a simple skill and needs knowledge and training.Research on tackling postobservation problems remainsemerging and the aim of this study is to explore the rolethat a teacher's personality type–based on DiSC personal-ity test‐might play in postobservation conferences andreaction to receiving feedback from the supervisor. Togather data, 20 nonnative EFL teachers were asked to takethe DiSC personality test to have their personality typesidentified, then they were observed three times, and eachtime they received feedback on their classroom manage-ment techniques. Results indicate that teachers withdifferent personality types act differently during thepostobservation conferences. While D and i styles areactive and tend to employ feedback moderately andstrongly in their classes, S and C styles are mostly passivewith the tendency of employing feedback moderately andweakly. The findings contribute to a better understandingof the role of personality types in teachers' tolerance ofcriticism and their tendency to apply the received feedbackin their future classes