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    A Tran-Atlantic Condominium of Democratic power: the grand design for a post-war order in french policy at the Paris Peace Conference

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    This article offers a new interpretation of French policy at the Paris Peace Conference in 1919. Based on a close reading of the archival record generated by the government of Georges Clemenceau, it argues that the bases of French policy at the Conference have been misunderstood. For the past century the majority of scholars writing about this period have accepted the standard interpretation that premier Clemenceau and his advisors were committed practitioners of Realpolitik who aimed above all at the destruction of German power. The 'realism' of the French post-war vision is typically placed in opposition to the more idealistic post-war visions of the British and especially the American delegations. This essay rejects this standard view. It argues instead that the Clemenceau government's peace programme was based on a Transatlantic vision of post-war order. This vision was based on a fascinating combination of presumed ideological affinities and common common economic and strategic interests

    A Critique of Wolak’s Evaluation of the NZ Electricity Market: Introduction and Overview

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    This paper is the first in a symposium of papers that examine the 2009 report by Frank Wolak into the New Zealand electricity market. The Wolak report concluded that there had been a cumulative total of $4.3b (NZD) of overcharging in the New Zealand wholesale market over a period of seven years. In this paper, we introduce the Wolak findings in the context of the salient features of the New Zealand market, and explain that this headline figure is highly sensitive to some (quite unrealistic) assumptions about the structure of this market. The papers that follow this introduction (Hogan and Jackson, 2011, and Evans and Guthrie, 2011) examine Wolak’s methodology and its empirical application.Wolak Report; electricity markets; market power

    Creating virtual communities of practice for learning technology in higher education: Issues, challenges and experiences

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    The need for a Web portal to support the rapidly growing field of learning technology has been well established through a number of national surveys and scoping studies over recent years. The overarching vision has been the provision of a virtual environment to assist in informing and developing professional practice in the use of learning technologies. This paper outlines the issues and challenges in creating such a portal through the experiences of developing the RESULTs Network. In the paper, design and participation issues are considered within the wider context of online and networked approaches to supporting practice and professional development. User participation methodologies and technical developments for RESULTs are described in relation to a review of existing representations of practice and a comprehensive survey amongst the learning technology users’ community. An outline of key achievements and experiences is presented, followed by some conclusions regarding the cultural and political issues in creating a viable and sustainable facility and suggestions for possible future direction in national provision

    Automatic rendezvous and capture system development in a manned environment

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    This paper presents the development of a 'Phase One' AR&C system capability as a logical outgrowth of Rendezvous and Proximity Operations (R&PO) system development for manned space programs. The continuity of the approach to R&PO across the Apollo, Skylab, Apollo-Soyuz, and Shuttle programs is traced and lessons learned which are applicable to AR&C discussed. Use of the Shuttle as a test bed for Automatic Rendezvous and Capture capabilities and technology demonstrations is discussed. A status of the current Phase One System design and brief overview of its capabilities is presented
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