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    Renormalisation of the Fayet-Iliopoulos D-term

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    We consider the renormalisation of the Fayet-Iliopoulos D-term in a softly-broken Abelian supersymmetric theory. We show that there exists (at least through three loops) a renormalisation group invariant trajectory for the coefficient of the D-term, corresponding to the conformal anomaly solution for the soft masses and couplings.Comment: 11 pages, TeX, Uses Harvmac (big). References added, minor corrections (including a sign error for the zeta(3) terms), and discussion of scheme dependence corrected and amplifie

    Two-loop beta-functions and their effects for the R-parity Violating MSSM

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    We present the full two-loop beta-functions for the MSSM including R-parity violating couplings. We analyse the effect of two-loop running on the bounds on R-parity violating couplings, on the nature of the LSP and on the stop masses.Comment: 12 pages, including 2 figures. Plain TeX. Uses Harvmac and epsf. Revised version with corrected Table and Figure

    Gauge singlet renormalisation in softly-broken supersymmetric theories

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    We consider the renormalisation of a softly-broken supersymmetric theory with singlet fields and a superpotential with a linear term. We show that there exist exact beta-functions for both the linear term in the superpotential and the associated linear term in the Lagrangian. We also construct exact renormalisation group invariant trajectories for these terms, corresponding to the conformal anomaly solution for the soft masses and couplings.Comment: 13 pages, Plain TeX, uses Harvmac. Typos corrected and minor clarification adde

    Snowmass Benchmark Points and Three-Loop Running

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    We present the full three-loop beta-functions for the MSSM generalised to include additional matter multiplets in 5, 10 representations of SU(5). We analyse in detail the effect of three-loop running on the sparticle spectrum for the MSSM Snowmass Benchmark Points. We also consider the effect on these spectra of additional matter multiplets (the semi-perturbative unification scenario).Comment: 28 pages, TeX, 4 figures, 10 tables. Uses Harvmac and eps

    Comment on "Critical Dynamics of a Vortex-Loop Model for the Superconducting Transition"

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    Recently, Aji and Goldenfeldt [Phys. Rev. Lett. 87, 197003 (2001), cond-mat/0105622] put forward an explanation for the value of the dynamic critical exponent z observed in certain Monte Carlo simulations of the superconducting phase transition in zero magnetic field. In this Comment, we point out that their analysis is based on incorrect assumptions regarding the scaling dimension of the vortex density.Comment: 1 page, no figure

    Molecular Dynamics Simulation of CO2-Fluid and CO2-Mineral Interfacial Properties: Application to Subsurface Gas Injection (CCS Projects)

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    Three loop soft running, benchmark points and semi-perturbative unification

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    We consider three-loop ő≤\beta-function corrections to the sparticle spectrum in the MSSM, with particular emphasis on Snowmass Benchmark points. The three loop running has little effect on the weakly interacting particle spectrum, but for the squark masses the effect can be comparable to, or greater than, that of two loop running. We extend the analysis to the semi-perturbative unification scenario, where the impact of the three loop corrections becomes even more dramatic.Comment: 12 pages, TeX, Uses Harvmac (big) and epsf. Added references (v2). More emphasis on magnitude of three loop corrections (v3

    Yukawa Textures and Anomaly Mediated Supersymmetry Breaking

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    We present a detailed analysis of how a mixed-anomaly-free U(1) symmetry can be used to both resolve the slepton mass problem associated with Anomaly Mediated Supersymmetry Breaking and generate the fermion mass hierarchy via the Froggatt-Nielsen mechanism. Flavour changing neutral currents problems are evaded by a specific form of the Yukawa textures.Comment: 33 pages, TeX, Uses Harvmac (big) and epsf. Added references and minor changes and corrections. Improved texture discussio

    The development of freshwater science in Britain, and British contributions abroad, 1900-2000

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    This article outlines the development of freshwater science between 1900 and 2000 and in particular traces British contributions, both to a deepened knowledge of specifics and to their interrelation as environmental and ecological science. The author provides a selected bibliography of important publications relevant to the topic of the article
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