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    Finiteness of p-divisible sets of multiple harmonic sums

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    Identity families of multiple harmonic sums and multiple zeta star values

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    Topological Weyl and Node-Line Semimetals in Ferromagnetic Vanadium-Phosphorous-Oxide β\beta-V2_2OPO4_4 Compound

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    We propose that the topological semimetal features can co-exist with ferromagnetic ground state in vanadium-phosphorous-oxide β\beta-V2_2OPO4_4 compound from first-principles calculations. In this magnetic system with inversion symmetry, the direction of magnetization is able to manipulate the symmetric protected band structures from a node-line type to a Weyl one in the presence of spin-orbital-coupling. The node-line semimetal phase is protected by the mirror symmetry with the reflection-invariant plane perpendicular to magnetic order. Within mirror symmetry breaking due to the magnetization along other directions, the gapless node-line loop will degenerate to only one pair of Weyl points protected by the rotational symmetry along the magnetic axis, which are largely separated in momentum space. Such Weyl semimetal phase provides a nice candidate with the minimum number of Weyl points in a condensed matter system. The results of surface band calculations confirm the non-trivial topology of this proposed compound. This findings provide a realistic candidate for the investigation of topological semimetals with time-reversal symmetry breaking, particularly towards the realization of quantum anomalous Hall effect in Weyl semimetals.Comment: 5 pages, 4 figure

    Restricted sum formula of multiple zeta values

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    A family of multiple harmonic sum and multiple zeta star value identities

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    In this paper we present a new family of identities for multiple harmonic sums which generalize a recent result of Hessami Pilehrood et al [Trans. Amer. Math. Soc. (to appear)]. We then apply it to obtain a family of identities relating multiple zeta star values to alternating Euler sums. In such a typical identity the entries of the multiple zeta star values consist of blocks of arbitrarily long 2-strings separated by positive integers greater than two while the largest depth of the alternating Euler sums depends only on the number of 2-string blocks but not on their lengths

    New families of weighted sum formulas for multiple zeta values

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