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    Exact Lagrangian immersions with one double point revisited

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    We study exact Lagrangian immersions with one double point of a closed orientable manifold K into n-complex-dimensional Euclidean space. Our main result is that if the Maslov grading of the double point does not equal 1 then K is homotopy equivalent to the sphere, and if, in addition, the Lagrangian Gauss map of the immersion is stably homotopic to that of the Whitney immersion, then K bounds a parallelizable (n+1)-manifold. The hypothesis on the Gauss map always holds when n=2k or when n=8k-1. The argument studies a filling of K obtained from solutions to perturbed Cauchy-Riemann equations with boundary on the image f(K) of the immersion. This leads to a new and simplified proof of some of the main results of arXiv:1111.5932, which treated Lagrangian immersions in the case n=2k by applying similar techniques to a Lagrange surgery of the immersion, as well as to an extension of these results to the odd-dimensional case.Comment: 39 pages, 2 figures. Version 2: A lengthy appendix now contains a detailed and largely self-contained proof of the existence of a C1-smooth structure on a certain compactified moduli space of Floer disks. The rest of the text is accordingly somewhat re-organised. Version 3: minor further change