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    La educaci贸n de hoy para la sociedad del futuro

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    The Innova Scientific Social Magazine contributes to disseminating research, analysis and opinions about social problems worldwide, which are made by the academic community, both national and international. Because it is a science magazine social, research articles are published, reflections, theoretical revisions and reviews, which contribute to relevant debates on topics sociological, historical, technological, educational and cultural

    Habilidades blandas en los administradores para la adecuaci贸n de empresas frente a la nueva normalidad post pandemia

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    The objective was to determine the relationship between soft skills and the adequacy of Peruvian companies in the face of the post-pandemic. The research was descriptive correlational with a non-experimental cross-sectional design, and an ad hoc checklist was used to record the information collected from the public retrievable material from business managers. It was identified that there is a statistically significant correlation between leadership and innovation with the adequacy of the companies; in addition, leadership, innovation, decision making and empathy of the managers better predict the adequacy of the companies in the post-pandemic period, as well as the soft skills as a whole.El objetivo fue determinar la relaci贸n entre las habilidades blandas y la adecuaci贸n de las empresas peruanas ante la postpandemia. La investigaci贸n fue descriptiva correlacional de dise帽o no experimental transversal, se utiliz贸 una lista de chequeo ad hoc para registrar la informaci贸n recabada del material recuperable p煤blico a administradores de empresas. Se identific贸 que existe correlaci贸n estad铆sticamente significativa entre liderazgo e innovaci贸n con la adecuaci贸n de las empresas; adem谩s, el liderazgo, innovaci贸n, toma de decisiones y empat铆a de los administradores predicen mejor la adecuaci贸n de las empresas al periodo postpandemia, as铆 como las habilidades blandas en conjunto

    Digital competences in faculties: a systematic review

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    El objetivo del estudio fue describir el tratamiento que los autores han dado al estudio de las competencias digitales en docentes universitarios en la 煤ltima d茅cada. Se llev贸 a cabo una revisi贸n sistem谩tica siguiendo los protocolos metodol贸gicos recomendados en la literatura. La estrategia de b煤squeda incluy贸 el uso de las bases de datos ERIC, iSEEK y Base y operadores booleanos para combinar los descriptores. Los art铆culos analizados muestran que la mayor producci贸n sobre el tema se ubica en Espa帽a y que prevalecen los estudios observacionales. Se concluye que es poca la producci贸n cient铆fica en materia de CDDU en el entorno latinoamericano. Esta producci贸n necesita no solo incrementarse en cantidad sino en la variedad de dise帽os de las investigaciones.The aim of the study was to describe the treatment that the authors have given to the study of digital competences in university teachers in the last decade. We performed a systematic review of the literature according to the methodological protocols recommended in the literature. The search strategy included the use of the ERIC, iSEEK and Base databases and Boolean operators to combine the descriptors. The analyzed articles show that the highest production on the subject is from Spain. We also observed that observational studies prevail. It is concluded that there is Little scientific production on CDDU in the Latin American environment. This production needs not only to increase in quantity but also in the variety of research designs

    Context of scientific publications in regionally indexed journals versus global publications

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    Introduction: The objective of this research was to deepen the results obtained in the systematic review of references, in high impact publications, placed in journals indexed in high level databases, such as: Scopus and Web of Science (WoS) compared to publications of the same. impact, but in the global context. Method/Results: The research method (descriptive-documental) was used, taking as a reference articles related to the theme. Therefore, the results showed that in Peru and Ecuador, countries that are going up in these databases, we have only 14 Peruvian journals indexed in WoS and 9 in Scopus, for Ecuador their journals indexed in WoS reach 20, while for Scopus, is reduced to just 2 magazines. Conclusion: According to these data, the measures taken by the two countries to increase their scientific proliferation and the extent to which the State contributes to this academic-professional

    The Process of Digital Transformation in Education During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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    Purpose: This document seeks to delve into the digital transformation of education during the COVID-19 pandemic, aiming to provide a comprehensive understanding of this evolving phenomenon's purpose and significance.   Design/Methodology/Approach: The research approach undertaken is characterized by a non-experimental, documentary, exploratory, and descriptive study methodology, which involves an extensive examination of existing literature and data to gain insights into the digital transformation in education during the pandemic.   Findings: The study's key findings revolve around the consensus in existing literature regarding the swift acceleration of the transformation of education from traditional face-to-face classes to virtual learning environments. It also highlights the implications of this transformation, particularly in reshaping teaching models and advocating for a hybrid approach encompassing both face-to-face and virtual learning.   Research, Practical & Social implications: The implications of this research extend to informing educational institutions about the need for digital adaptation, guiding policymakers in supporting adaptable learning models, and empowering educators with a deeper understanding of the changing educational landscape. Moreover, it considers the broader societal impact, including equity and access issues in education.   Originality/Value: This research is unique in its contribution to understanding the profound impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on education. It emphasizes the significance of adaptability and hybrid learning models while providing a foundation for future educational research and policy development