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    Enimeration of Regular Triangulations

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    Quark-Hadron Matter at Finite Temperature and Density in a Two-Color PNJL model

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    Quark-hadron matter at finite temperature and density is studied using a two-flavor, color SU(2) (P)NJL model. The hadronic effective Lagrangian, derived by bosonization of the quark fields and renormalized using the Eguchi method, emerges in the form of an extended linear sigma model with meson and diquark-baryon fields. Chiral and diquark condensates are studied as functions of temperature and baryon density. Masses of mesons and diquark-baryons are calculated with and without the Polyakov loop effect. We investigate the equation of state of quark-hadron matter by taking into account the contributions of mesons and diquark-baryons in addition to the quark quasiparticles.Comment: 42 pages, 15 figure