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    Hashmod: A Hashing Method for Scalable 3D Object Detection

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    We present a scalable method for detecting objects and estimating their 3D poses in RGB-D data. To this end, we rely on an efficient representation of object views and employ hashing techniques to match these views against the input frame in a scalable way. While a similar approach already exists for 2D detection, we show how to extend it to estimate the 3D pose of the detected objects. In particular, we explore different hashing strategies and identify the one which is more suitable to our problem. We show empirically that the complexity of our method is sublinear with the number of objects and we enable detection and pose estimation of many 3D objects with high accuracy while outperforming the state-of-the-art in terms of runtime.Comment: BMVC 201

    An Octree-Based Approach towards Efficient Variational Range Data Fusion

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    Volume-based reconstruction is usually expensive both in terms of memory consumption and runtime. Especially for sparse geometric structures, volumetric representations produce a huge computational overhead. We present an efficient way to fuse range data via a variational Octree-based minimization approach by taking the actual range data geometry into account. We transform the data into Octree-based truncated signed distance fields and show how the optimization can be conducted on the newly created structures. The main challenge is to uphold speed and a low memory footprint without sacrificing the solutions' accuracy during optimization. We explain how to dynamically adjust the optimizer's geometric structure via joining/splitting of Octree nodes and how to define the operators. We evaluate on various datasets and outline the suitability in terms of performance and geometric accuracy.Comment: BMVC 201
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