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    Believing is Seeing: Korean Immigrants\u27 Perception of the Former South Korean President Roh

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    This study explores how individual characteristics interact with news media choice and people’s perception of mediated news events and public figures focusing on South Korean immigrants’ perception of the former South Korean President Roh. Thirteen South Korean immigrants were interviewed, and the results demonstrate a three-way relationship between (a) interviewees’ political orientation, (b) media choice, and (c) perception of Roh and the newspapers. The interviewees supporting Roh, who read online news on a regular basis but did not read conservative newspapers, recognized the political claim that the oligopoly of the conservative newspapers has influenced public opinion on Roh, while the readers of the conservative newspapers, who do not read on-line news, did not acknowledge the claim. Individuals’ opinions on Roh and the newspapers were not directed by media framing, but interviewees selectively chose what they read and accept

    New insights into the binding site formation and the performance of molecularly imprinted polymers

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    Molecularly imprinted polymers (MIPs) are finding important applications in the field of separation science, catalysis, sensor, and immunoassays. To optimize the performance of the MIPs, it is essential to understand the underlying mechanism of the process. This research focuses on understanding binding site formation and performance, and improvement of the MIPs. Chapter 1 introduces the concept of the MIPs, and binding isotherm and affinity distribution of heterogeneous binding sites in the MIPs. Chapter 2 describes fundamental studies conducted to understand the binding site formation of the MIPs. The number of binding sites (N) and the number average association constant (Kn) were calculated for each different percent template imprinted polymer using the continuous affinity distribution analysis (AD). The trends of N and Kn for the polymer provided evidence that the final binding site of a molecularly imprinted polymer does not necessarily reflect the solution phase structure, thus the pre-polymer complex in solution is not locked-in as previously believed. Chapter 3 describes studies done to understand solvent effects on the binding performance of the imprinted polymers. Strong correlation between solvent-polymer interactions and enantioselectivity, and the visual inspection of the Benesi-Hildebrand plots of the enantiomers provided evidences that the solvent effects in MIPs are due to structural changes in the binding site, such as geometrical distortion of the binding cavity and proximity of the functional groups. Chapter 4 describes a new approach developed to incorporate multiple functional groups in the binding site of MIPs without unproductive interactions between functional monomers (“orthogonal approach”) utilizing a polymerizable crown ether derivative. This orthogonal functional group system is shown to act cooperatively in the MIPs to bind a template with higher selectivity than any of the individual functional monomers alone. Chapter 5 describes the value of Kn and heterogeneity index (n) obtained from the AD analysis on a combinatorial library mixture in evaluating binding properties of its components. The trends of Kn and n observed for different mixtures provided means to compare average value and distribution of the association constants of the corresponding components

    The Cutaneous Ciliated Cyst in Young Male: The Possibility of Ciliated Cutaneous Eccrine Cyst

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    Cutaneous ciliated cyst was described as a painless cyst occurring on the lower limbs of women between the ages of 15 and 30 years. The cysts are typically lined by ciliated cuboidal to columnar epithelium with pseudostratified areas and focal squamous metaplasia is occasionally present. Immunohistochemical studies have demonstrated that the cysts are PR and ER positive, similar to the epithelia of the fallopian tubes. However, outliers of cutaneous ciliated cysts, including those in male patients and in unexpected locations such as the scalp, finger, and scapular area, have been reported. Thus, some hypotheses have been proposed including the Mullerian heterotopias, ciliated metaplasia of eccrine sweat glands, and embryonic remnants of the cloacal membrane. We report a rare case of cutaneous ciliated cyst on the left shoulder of a 7-year-old boy and this is the eighth case of cutaneous ciliated cyst in male patients. Moreover, through reviewing the articles, we try to propose the classification of the cutaneous ciliated cysts into the cutaneous Mullerian cysts and the ciliated cutaneous eccrine cysts

    Social Network Analysis Using Author Co-Citation Data

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    This study examines the social network of scholars in the field of Communication by using author co-citation data. A matrix containing the number of co-cited documents between pairs of authors is created for social network analysis of scholars who are on the editorial board of Journal of Communication, and the networked map of the scholars is used to visualize the knowledge structure of the field by identifying groups of authors who are more central than others. Social Science Citation Index (SSCI) is used to collect the author co-citation data, and UCInet is employed for social network analysis as well as network visualization

    Effect of ProRoot MTA® and Biodentine® on osteoclastic differentiation and activity of mouse bone marrow macrophages

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    Objectives: This investigation aimed to assess the differentiation inhibitory effects of ProRoot MTA® (PMTA) and Biodentine® (BIOD) on osteoclasts originated from murine bone marrow macrophages (BMMs) and compare these effects with those of alendronate (ALD). Materials and Methods: Mouse BMMs were cultured to differentiate into osteoclasts with macrophage colonystimulating factor and receptor activator of NF-κB (RANKL), treated with lipopolysaccharide. After application with PMTA, BIOD, or ALD, cell toxicities were examined using WST-1 assay kit, and RANKL-induced osteoclast differentiation and activities were determined by resorption pit formation assay and tartrate-resistant acid phosphate (TRAP) staining. The mRNA levels of osteoclast activity-related genes were detected with quantitative real time polymerase chain reaction. Expressions of molecular signaling pathways were assessed by western blot. All data were statistically analyzed with one-way ANOVA and Tukey’s post-hoc test (p<0.05). Results: Mouse BMMs applied with PMTA, BIOD, or ALD showed highly reduced levels of TRAP-positive osteoclasts. The BIOD treated specimens suppressed mRNA expressions of cathepsin K, TRAP, and c-Fos. Nonetheless, it showed a lower effect than PMTA or ALD applications. Compared with ALD, PMTA and BIOD decreased RANKL-mediated phosphorylation of ERK1/2 and IκBα. Conclusions: PMTA and BIOD showed the inhibitory effect on osteoclast differentiation and activities similar to that of ALD through IκB phosphorylation and suppression of ERK signaling pathways

    The third-person effect of news coverage of opinion poll results

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    The objective of the present study was to examine 1) the differential third-person perception (TPP) of the opinion poll reports and 2) whether and how the TPP is associated with its consequences -- attitude change and behavioral intention change. As the method, an experiment was conducted with a 2 (message position: pro-restriction vs. anti-restriction) by 2 (subject position: pro-restriction vs. anti-restriction) by 2 (others: in-group/out-group) mixed factorial design with message position and subject position as between-subjects factors and others as a within-subjects factor. The stimuli were news articles reporting the results of an opinion poll on the government restrictions on violent TV programming.The findings demonstrate participants' attitude toward the government restrictions on violent TV programming changed after they read the news report of opinion poll results. Regarding the differential TPP, message position and others interacted with each other on the TPP of the poll results although the predicted 3-way interaction among message position, subject position, and others was not statistically significant. Regarding the association between TPP and its consequences -- attitudinal change and behavioral intention change, the TPP was significantly associated with the attitudinal change, and anxiety mediated the association. However, the TPP was not associated with behavioral intention.The present study contributes to the TPE research by revealing the role of anxiety as a mediator in the linkage between the TPP and attitudinal change and confirming that people's predisposition on a message and its target group affects the perceived effect of the message. For future research, more studies examining the TPE in diverse contexts with different types and levels of involvement and different types of emotion are suggested

    Study of customer-service provider relationship development in casual dining restaurants: A relational benefits approach

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    Scope and Method of Study: The overall purpose of the study was to understand the more complete process of customer-service provider relationship development and maintenance in the context of casual dining restaurants. This study suggested that relational benefits (with four sub-dimensions, which is a more detailed view compared to the traditional view) be significant antecedents to increase consumer dependence on the relationship partner, which consequently influence consumer commitment and desired relational outcomes. The target population of the study was all the frequent travelers in the U.S. listed in a public available database purchased. A convenience sampling was utilized to draw samples. An online survey was conducted to collect data. Exploratory factor analysis, confirmatory factor analysis, structural equation modeling, and hierarchical regression analysis were used to analyze the data.Findings and Conclusions: First, the study contributes to the identification of the new dimensionality of relational benefits and its differential effects on consumer dependence and relational outcomes. Especially, customization and confidence benefits are emphasized to increase consumer dependence, requiring more serious consideration from managers. Second, it provides more complete understanding about the nature of commitment as a mediator between consumer dependence and relational outcomes. The results imply that managers should pay attention to increasing consumer dependence as well as commitment to maximize the share of customers. Furthermore, managers need to allocate their resources to deliver excellent satisfaction and maximize the interdependence with customers to increase positive WOM communications from customers. Third, based on the theory of psychological reactance, the findings open the possibility that relational benefits can provide customers with intrinsic motivations to stay in the relationship without reactance to high switching costs. Lastly, the situational/conditional significance of a closeness of a relationship is proven to involve stronger attachment between a consumer and a service provider and the possibilities to deliver the relational outcomes that a firm desires

    Essays on the Market for Corporate Control

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    This dissertation examines the relative importance of the information effect on corporate takeover in total takeover gains. It develops the measure of information effect based on the residual income valuation model with I/B/E/S analysts' abnormal earnings forecast revisions. Empirical results show that the information effect and the synergy are estimated to be around 4 percent and 22 percent respectively in the 1,372 US samples during 1980- 2006. Furthermore, almost all of the synergy gains disappear as the deal is expected to be failed while the measured information effect remains afterwards. The evidence suggests that the information effect is more evident in the disciplinary (failed & high Tobin's-q for bidders) or acquisitional (small capitalization & high book-to-market ratio for targets) takeovers while the synergy is greater in the successful tender-offer. Overall, the corporate takeover bid generates information gains up to 15 percent of total takeover gains. It also develops a theoretical model on the market for corporate control using the assumption that there exists management slack which does not contribute to shareholder wealth. This model provides explanations to several questions about corporate takeovers, which include the following: Why do managers prefer takeovers to other investment alternatives? When are they likely to occur? What are the sources of takeover gains? Do takeovers create value? Why are stock offers more common? Who gains from such transactions both in the long and short runs? Why do they occur in massive waves? Why is diversification often attractive to bidder managers? How does corporate governance play its role during this process? And why do managers often resist takeovers? The agency model this paper develops is compatible with existing theories on takeovers including neoclassical, inefficient stock market, and the free cash flow approach. Furthermore, it is consistent with most of the empirical evidence available

    Drivers of COVID-19 protest across localities in Israel: a machine-learning approach

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    Anti-government protests emerged globally in response to COVID-19 countermeasures. What are the key drivers of these pandemic-related protests, and to what extent do they differ from the drivers of non-COVID protests? We examine these questions in the context of Israel, which faced a growing political crisis at the start of the pandemic, effectively blurring the distinction between different causes of protest. Our data features 1,922 protests across 189 Israeli localities for the period between March and July 2022. Using a machine learning approach, we find that all protests, regardless of whether they were directly related to the pandemic or not, were motivated by the same set of key indicators – albeit with the ranking of drivers for COVID-related protests inverted for non-COVID protests. Local infection rates and government responses were more pronounced for the former, whereas differences in residential and commercial property taxes, access to affordable housing, quality of education and demography were among the most important drivers for the latter. Our analysis underscores the role that local governments played in managing the pandemic, and demonstrates that variation in socioeconomic conditions had an important effect on the incidence of protests across Israel
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