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    Weak Gravity Conjecture for the Effective Field Theories with N Species

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    We conjecture an intrinsic UV cutoff for the validity of the effective field theory with a large number of species coupled to gravity. In four dimensions such a UV cutoff takes the form Λ=λ/NMp\Lambda=\sqrt{\lambda/ N}M_p for NN scalar fields with the same potential λϕi4\lambda \phi_i^4, i=1,...,Ni=1,...,N. This conjecture implies that the assisted chaotic inflation or N-flation might be in the swampland, not in the landscape. Similarly a UV cutoff Λ=gMp/N\Lambda=gM_p/\sqrt{N} is conjectured for the U(1) gauge theory with NN species.Comment: 12 pages; refs added and some statements clarifie

    Limits from Weak Gravity Conjecture on Dark Energy Models

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    The weak gravity conjecture has been proposed as a criterion to distinguish the landscape from the swampland in string theory. As an application in cosmology of this conjecture, we use it to impose theoretical constraint on parameters of two types of dark energy models. Our analysis indicates that the Chaplygin-gas-type models realized in quintessence field are in the swampland, whereas the aa power-low decay model of the variable cosmological constant can be viable but the parameters are tightly constrained by the conjecture.Comment: Revtex4, 8 pages, 5 figures; References, minor corrections in content, and acknowledgement adde

    Game Theory Meets Network Security: A Tutorial at ACM CCS

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    The increasingly pervasive connectivity of today's information systems brings up new challenges to security. Traditional security has accomplished a long way toward protecting well-defined goals such as confidentiality, integrity, availability, and authenticity. However, with the growing sophistication of the attacks and the complexity of the system, the protection using traditional methods could be cost-prohibitive. A new perspective and a new theoretical foundation are needed to understand security from a strategic and decision-making perspective. Game theory provides a natural framework to capture the adversarial and defensive interactions between an attacker and a defender. It provides a quantitative assessment of security, prediction of security outcomes, and a mechanism design tool that can enable security-by-design and reverse the attacker's advantage. This tutorial provides an overview of diverse methodologies from game theory that includes games of incomplete information, dynamic games, mechanism design theory to offer a modern theoretic underpinning of a science of cybersecurity. The tutorial will also discuss open problems and research challenges that the CCS community can address and contribute with an objective to build a multidisciplinary bridge between cybersecurity, economics, game and decision theory

    Weak gravity conjecture constraints on inflation

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    We consider the gravitational correction to the coupling of the scalar fields. Weak gravity conjecture says that the gravitational correction to the running of scalar coupling should be less than the contribution from scalar fields. For instance, a new scale Λ=λ41/2Mp\Lambda=\lambda_4^{1/2}M_p sets a UV cutoff on the validity of the effective λ4ϕ4\lambda_4 \phi^4 theory. Furthermore, this conjecture implies a possible constraint on the inflation model, e.g. the chaotic inflation model might be in the swampland.Comment: 11 pages, 3 figs; monor corrections; some clarifying remarks added and the final version for publication in JHE