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    Wind Power Forecasting Methods Based on Deep Learning: A Survey

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    Accurate wind power forecasting in wind farm can effectively reduce the enormous impact on grid operation safety when high permeability intermittent power supply is connected to the power grid. Aiming to provide reference strategies for relevant researchers as well as practical applications, this paper attempts to provide the literature investigation and methods analysis of deep learning, enforcement learning and transfer learning in wind speed and wind power forecasting modeling. Usually, wind speed and wind power forecasting around a wind farm requires the calculation of the next moment of the definite state, which is usually achieved based on the state of the atmosphere that encompasses nearby atmospheric pressure, temperature, roughness, and obstacles. As an effective method of high-dimensional feature extraction, deep neural network can theoretically deal with arbitrary nonlinear transformation through proper structural design, such as adding noise to outputs, evolutionary learning used to optimize hidden layer weights, optimize the objective function so as to save information that can improve the output accuracy while filter out the irrelevant or less affected information for forecasting. The establishment of high-precision wind speed and wind power forecasting models is always a challenge due to the randomness, instantaneity and seasonal characteristics

    On the semicircular law of large dimensional random quaternion matrices

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    It is well known that Gaussian symplectic ensemble (GSE) is defined on the space of n×nn\times n quaternion self-dual Hermitian matrices with Gaussian random elements. There is a huge body of literature regarding this kind of matrices. As a natural idea we want to get more universal results by removing the Gaussian condition. For the first step, in this paper we prove that the empirical spectral distribution of the common quaternion self-dual Hermitian matrices tends to semicircular law. The main tool to establish the universal result is given as a lemma in this paper as well.Comment: 20 page