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    Peer Mentors and Writing Center Tutors: What our collaborations taught us about serving the SJSU Freshmen Students

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    The Library Outpost, a satellite office of the campus’s Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Library, seeks ways to reach out to First Year students who are new to writing research papers. One of our goals is to meet the First Year students on their own turf. Since the Peer Mentors and Writing Center tutors have peer relationships with the First year students, we want to learn how we can collaborate with them to provide services to the First year students. We surveyed the Peer Mentors and Writing Center Tutors to assess their perceptions of their own research skills, and their students’ research needs to guide the services and workshops offered by the Library Outpost

    Fundamentals Or Fancies? The Justification Of Returns To Equity From 1950 To 2007

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    Profit-maximizing firms should continue to invest in economic capital to the point where the marginal product of capital equals the marginal cost of financial capital.  As such, the returns to shareholders on the right-hand side of the balance sheet should be justified by the returns generated by assets employed on the left-hand side.  The author compares the net real after-tax marginal product of capital with returns on U.S. equities over the period 1950 to 2007.  The results show that long-term returns on large cap U.S. equities are justified by the marginal product of capital

    Whos Running Corporate America? A Study Of S&P 500 CEOs In 2005

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    Spencer Stuart Research & Insight is one of the world’s leading executive search consulting firms.  The firm was founded in 1956, is privately owned and operates 50 offices in 26 countries around the world.  Clients range across industries and size from start-ups to the world largest firms. Spencer Stuart gathered and published raw data on the educational backgrounds of CEO’s of S&P 500 companies in 2005. (See spencerstuart.com/research/articles/936)  This paper draws on that data and compiles it in summary fashion to provide an overview of the persons serving in the role of CEO of S&P 500 corporations.  Particular attention is given to the educational background of the CEO’s.

    Does The Mix Of A State?s Tax Portfolio Matter? An Empirical Analysis Of United States Tax Portfolios And The Relationship To Levels And Growth In Real Per Capita Gross State Product 

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    An important part of the economic environment for any business is the tax climate. At the federal level, arguments are often made for abandoning the income tax in favor of a national sales tax or other type of tax. At the state level, the United States has a laboratory of sorts for examining the economic impact of various types of taxes. The states exhibit a wide degree of variation in the kinds and mix of taxes upon which they rely to raise revenue. This provides an opportunity for comparing economic well-being with the mix of taxes for the various states. This paper presents the results of an empirical study of the relationship between the relative economic well-being of a state and its relative portfolio of taxation. Data on the kinds and relative mix of taxes for the 50 United States for the years 1993-1999 are summarized. While the direction of causation is still an issue, the results of the study show that statistically significant relationships do exist between a state’s tax portfolio and its level and growth of real per capita gross state product. Hopefully this study will add to our understanding of the impact of taxation on the economic climate for business

    Operations research: a definition and analysis for management

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    Thesis (M.B.A.)--Boston Universit

    Productivity of Florida Springs: Second semi-annual report to the Biology Division, Office of Naval Research progress from February 1, 1953 to June 30, 1953

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    During this second six months emphasis has been laid on developing a complete understanding of the metabolism of the Silver Springs ecosystem as an example of a community apparently in a steady state. Variation in phosphates, uptake of nitrates, and importance of boron have been estimated. Fluctuation of some major elements has been estimated. Examination of stomach contents has permitted trophic classifications of dominant species and the standing crops have been estimated for these species by number and by dry weight. From these a pyramid of mass has been constructed. Special attention has been paid to bacteria using 3 methods for comparison of Silver Springs with lakes and estimation of the standing crop. The oxygen gradient method has been repeated at half hourly intervals. A carbon-dioxide gradient method has also been used to check the oxygen and to obtain a photosynthetic quotient. Black and light Bell jar experiments have been initiated to obtain checks on the other production measurement and to obtain a community respiration rate. An approximate balance has resulted from estimates of production , respiration , and downstream loss. A flow rate diagram has been constructed to clarify definitions of efficiency and their relationship to a steady state system. Mr. Sloan has statistically verified the increase of insect number and variety away from the boils and demonstrated the reliability of quantitative dipping for aquatic insects. Plans for the third half year include detained and comparative study of the dominant algae and further estimates of rates of growth of all community components. (29pp.

    Interactive computer program

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