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    LOOPUS Mob-D: System concept for a public mobile satellite system providing integrated digital services for the Northern Hemisphere from an elliptical orbit

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    A new concept for a satellite based public mobile communications system, LOOPUS Mob-D, is introduced, whereby most of the classical problems in mobile satellite systems are approached in a different way. The LOOPUS system will offer a total capacity of 6000 high rate channels in three service areas (Europe, Asia, and North America), covering the entire Northern Hemisphere with a set of group special mobile (GSM) compatible mobile services, eventually providing the 'office in the car'. Special characteristics of the LOOPUS orbit and the communications network architecture are highlighted

    Development, construction and testing of an ultrahigh vacuum dc sputtering system Final report

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    Design and performance of ultrahigh vacuum system for direct current sputtering electrode

    Squeezing as an irreducible resource

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    We show that squeezing is an irreducible resource which remains invariant under transformations by linear optical elements. In particular, we give a decomposition of any optical circuit with linear input-output relations into a linear multiport interferometer followed by a unique set of single mode squeezers and then another multiport interferometer. Using this decomposition we derive a no-go theorem for superpositions of macroscopically distinct states from single-photon detection. Further, we demonstrate the equivalence between several schemes for randomly creating polarization-entangled states. Finally, we derive minimal quantum optical circuits for ideal quantum non-demolition coupling of quadrature-phase amplitudes.Comment: 4 pages, 3 figures, new title, removed the fat

    Design of a composite wing extension for a general aviation aircraft

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    A composite wing extension was designed for a typical general aviation aircraft to improve lift curve slope, dihedral effect, and lift to drag ratio. Advanced composite materials were used in the design to evaluate their use as primary structural components in general aviation aircraft. Extensive wind tunnel tests were used to evaluate six extension shapes. The extension shape chosen as the best choice was 28 inches long with a total area of 17 square feet. Subsequent flight tests showed the wing extension's predicted aerodynamic improvements to be correct. The structural design of the wing extension consisted of a hybrid laminate carbon core with outer layers of Kevlar - layed up over a foam interior which acted as an internal support. The laminate skin of the wing extension was designed from strength requirements, and the foam core was included to prevent buckling. A joint lap was recommended to attach the wing extension to the main wing structure

    Solution to the Equations of the Moment Expansions

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    We develop a formula for matching a Taylor series about the origin and an asymptotic exponential expansion for large values of the coordinate. We test it on the expansion of the generating functions for the moments and connected moments of the Hamiltonian operator. In the former case the formula produces the energies and overlaps for the Rayleigh-Ritz method in the Krylov space. We choose the harmonic oscillator and a strongly anharmonic oscillator as illustrative examples for numerical test. Our results reveal some features of the connected-moments expansion that were overlooked in earlier studies and applications of the approach

    Entanglement versus Correlations in Spin Systems

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    We consider pure quantum states of N≫1N\gg 1 spins or qubits and study the average entanglement that can be \emph{localized} between two separated spins by performing local measurements on the other individual spins. We show that all classical correlation functions provide lower bounds to this \emph{localizable entanglement}, which follows from the observation that classical correlations can always be increased by doing appropriate local measurements on the other qubits. We analyze the localizable entanglement in familiar spin systems and illustrate the results on the hand of the Ising spin model, in which we observe characteristic features for a quantum phase transition such as a diverging entanglement length.Comment: 4 page

    Majorization criterion for distillability of a bipartite quantum state

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    Bipartite quantum states are classified into three categories: separable states, bound entangled states, and free entangled states. It is of great importance to characterize these families of states for the development of quantum information science. In this paper, I show that the separable states and the bound entangled states have a common spectral property. More precisely, I prove that for undistillable -- separable and bound entangled -- states, the eigenvalue vector of the global system is majorized by that of the local system. This result constitutes a new sufficient condition for distillability of bipartite quantum states. This is achieved by proving that if a bipartite quantum state satisfies the reduction criterion for distillability, then it satisfies the majorization criterion for separability.Comment: 4 pages, no figures, REVTEX. A new lemma (Lemma 2) added. To appear in Physical Review Letter
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