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    Choosing the best model in the presence of zero trade: a fish product analysis

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    The purpose of the paper is to test the hypothesis that food safety (chemical) standards act as barriers to international seafood imports. We use zero-accounting gravity models to test the hypothesis that food safety (chemical) standards act as barriers to international seafood imports. The chemical standards on which we focus include chloramphenicol required performance limit, oxytetracycline maximum residue limit, fluoro-quinolones maximum residue limit, and dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (DDT) pesticide residue limit. The study focuses on the three most important seafood markets: the European Union’s 15 members, Japan, and North America

    Electric-field noise from carbon-adatom diffusion on a Au(110) surface: first-principles calculations and experiments

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    The decoherence of trapped-ion quantum gates due to heating of their motional modes is a fundamental science and engineering problem. This heating is attributed to electric-field noise arising from the trap-electrode surfaces. In this work, we investigate the source of this noise by focusing on the diffusion of carbon-containing adsorbates on the surface of Au(110). We show by density functional theory, based on detailed scanning probe microscopy, how the carbon adatom diffusion on the gold surface changes the energy landscape, and how the adatom dipole moment varies with the diffusive motion. A simple model for the diffusion noise, which varies quadratically with the variation of the dipole moment, qualitatively reproduces the measured noise spectrum, and the estimate of the noise spectral density is in accord with measured values.Comment: 8 pages, 6 figure

    Observation of quantum oscillations between a Josephson phase qubit and a microscopic resonator using fast readout

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    We have detected coherent quantum oscillations between Josephson phase qubits and microscopic critical-current fluctuators by implementing a new state readout technique that is an order of magnitude faster than previous methods. The period of the oscillations is consistent with the spectroscopic splittings observed in the qubit's resonant frequency. The results point to a possible mechanism for decoherence and reduced measurement fidelity in superconducting qubits and demonstrate the means to measure two-qubit interactions in the time domain

    Investigation on the Use of a FLIR (Forward Looking Infrared) Camera to Detect Relationships Between Internal and Surface Temperatures of Beef Carcasses During Chilling

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    The objective of this study was to collect preliminary data on the efficacy of using thermal imaging technology as a means to assess beef carcass chilling

    Influence of Post-harvest Circulatory Rinse on Tenderness and Objective Color of Cow Striploin Steaks

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    The objective of this study was to compare the effect of a post-harvest rinse of an isotonic solution through the circulatory system on tenderness of steaks from cows

    What do people do with porn? qualitative research into the consumption, use and experience of pornography and other sexually explicit media

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    This article reviews qualitative research into the consumption of pornography and other sexually explicit media emerging from a range of subject areas. Taking a critique of quantitative methods and a focus on measuring sexual effects and attitudes as a starting point, it considers the proposition that qualitative work is more suited to an examination of the complex social, cultural and political constructions of sexuality. Examining studies into the way men, women and young people see, experience, and use explicit media texts, the article identifies the key findings that have emerged. Qualitative work shows that sexuality explicit media texts are experienced and understood in a variety of ways and evoke strong and often contradictory reactions, not all of which are represented in public debates about pornography. These texts function in a range of different ways, depending on context; as a source of knowledge, a resource for intimate practices, a site for identity construction, and an occasion for performing gender and sexuality. The article reviews these studies and their findings, identifying what they suggest about directions for future research, both in terms of developing methodology and refining approaches to sexuality and media consumption.</p

    Controlling trapping potentials and stray electric fields in a microfabricated ion trap through design and compensation

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    Recent advances in quantum information processing with trapped ions have demonstrated the need for new ion trap architectures capable of holding and manipulating chains of many (>10) ions. Here we present the design and detailed characterization of a new linear trap, microfabricated with scalable complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) techniques, that is well-suited to this challenge. Forty-four individually controlled DC electrodes provide the many degrees of freedom required to construct anharmonic potential wells, shuttle ions, merge and split ion chains, precisely tune secular mode frequencies, and adjust the orientation of trap axes. Microfabricated capacitors on DC electrodes suppress radio-frequency pickup and excess micromotion, while a top-level ground layer simplifies modeling of electric fields and protects trap structures underneath. A localized aperture in the substrate provides access to the trapping region from an oven below, permitting deterministic loading of particular isotopic/elemental sequences via species-selective photoionization. The shapes of the aperture and radio-frequency electrodes are optimized to minimize perturbation of the trapping pseudopotential. Laboratory experiments verify simulated potentials and characterize trapping lifetimes, stray electric fields, and ion heating rates, while measurement and cancellation of spatially-varying stray electric fields permits the formation of nearly-equally spaced ion chains.Comment: 17 pages (including references), 7 figure

    Influence of Beef Carcass Chilling Rate on Steak Case Life and Quality Traits

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    Study Description: Twelve head of fed beef cattle were harvested at the SDSU Meat Laboratory over two days. Carcasses were allotted into two weight groups based on hot carcass weight (HCW): Heavyweight (HW) and Lightweight (LW). Data logging thermometers were placed in the left side of each carcass within the round, loin, rib, and chuck primals to track temperature decline. Carcass measurements including 12th rib fat thickness, ribeye area and marbling score were collected approximately 48 hours postmortem. Steaks from each primal were collected to measure Warner-Bratzler shear force (WBSF), objective and subjective color
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