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    Determining the accuracy of The Sims 2 as a model for life

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    In this paper The Sims 2 is reviewed as a life model since it is a game of life. The trimesters of pregnancy are considered, and gestational period is examined. This paper finds that The Sims 2 is characteristically accurate however when looking at gestational period it is not an accurate model for life. The paper explores life through comparing pregnancy. A human is pregnant for less than 1% of their life if they experience only one ideal gestational period. A sim is pregnant for more than 1% of their life. A sims pregnancy time period is proportionally closer to that of 21 months of pregnancy but still slightly longer

    Does One Punch Man have Alopecia?

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    One Punch Man the superhero claims he worked out so hard that he lost all his hair. In this paper we explore if this claim is really true by evaluating his workout routine and the physiological effects this has had on him. Alopecia is how most hair loss is referred to so we look at types of Alopecia and discern whether they could have been a reason for One Punch Mans hair loss