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    Centers and Cocenters of 00-Hecke algebras

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    In this paper, we give explicit descriptions of the centers and cocenters of 00-Hecke algebras associated to finite Coxeter groups.Comment: 13 pages, a mistake in 4.2 is correcte

    S-OHEM: Stratified Online Hard Example Mining for Object Detection

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    One of the major challenges in object detection is to propose detectors with highly accurate localization of objects. The online sampling of high-loss region proposals (hard examples) uses the multitask loss with equal weight settings across all loss types (e.g, classification and localization, rigid and non-rigid categories) and ignores the influence of different loss distributions throughout the training process, which we find essential to the training efficacy. In this paper, we present the Stratified Online Hard Example Mining (S-OHEM) algorithm for training higher efficiency and accuracy detectors. S-OHEM exploits OHEM with stratified sampling, a widely-adopted sampling technique, to choose the training examples according to this influence during hard example mining, and thus enhance the performance of object detectors. We show through systematic experiments that S-OHEM yields an average precision (AP) improvement of 0.5% on rigid categories of PASCAL VOC 2007 for both the IoU threshold of 0.6 and 0.7. For KITTI 2012, both results of the same metric are 1.6%. Regarding the mean average precision (mAP), a relative increase of 0.3% and 0.5% (1% and 0.5%) is observed for VOC07 (KITTI12) using the same set of IoU threshold. Also, S-OHEM is easy to integrate with existing region-based detectors and is capable of acting with post-recognition level regressors.Comment: 9 pages, 3 figures, accepted by CCCV 201

    Высшее образование в Китае и России: сходство и отличие

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    В статье дана сравнительная характеристика высшего образования в странах Китай и Россия.The article gives a comparative description of higher education in China and Russia

    Collaborative signal and information processing for target detection with heterogeneous sensor networks

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    In this paper, an approach for target detection and acquisition with heterogeneous sensor networks through strategic resource allocation and coordination is presented. Based on sensor management and collaborative signal and information processing, low-capacity low-cost sensors are strategically deployed to guide and cue scarce high performance sensors in the network to improve the data quality, with which the mission is eventually completed more efficiently with lower cost. We focus on the problem of designing such a network system in which issues of resource selection and allocation, system behaviour and capacity, target behaviour and patterns, the environment, and multiple constraints such as the cost must be addressed simultaneously. Simulation results offer significant insight into sensor selection and network operation, and demonstrate the great benefits introduced by guided search in an application of hunting down and capturing hostile vehicles on the battlefield

    Array signal processing for maximum likelihood direction-of-arrival estimation

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    Emitter Direction-of-Arrival (DOA) estimation is a fundamental problem in a variety of applications including radar, sonar, and wireless communications. The research has received considerable attention in literature and numerous methods have been proposed. Maximum Likelihood (ML) is a nearly optimal technique producing superior estimates compared to other methods especially in unfavourable conditions, and thus is of significant practical interest. This paper discusses in details the techniques for ML DOA estimation in either white Gaussian noise or unknown noise environment. Their performances are analysed and compared, and evaluated against the theoretical lower bounds