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    Exotic Charges, Multicomponent Dark Matter and Light Sterile Neutrinos

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    Generating small sterile neutrino masses via the same seesaw mechanism that suppresses active neutrino masses requires a specific structure in the neutral fermion mass matrix. We present a model where this structure is enforced by a new U(1)' gauge symmetry, spontaneously broken at the TeV scale. In order not to spoil the neutrino structure, the additional fermions necessary for anomaly cancellations need to carry exotic charges, and turn out to form multicomponent cold dark matter. The active-sterile mixing then connects the new particles and the Standard Model---opening a new portal in addition to the usual Higgs- and kinetic-mixing portals---which leads to dark matter annihilation almost exclusively into neutrinos.Comment: 11 pages, 3 figures. More references, longer discussions. Matches JHEP versio

    Reducing \theta_13 to 9 degrees

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    We propose to consider the possibility that the observed value of θ13\theta_{13} is not the result of a correction from an initially vanishing value, but rather the result of a correction from an initially larger value. As an explicit example of this approach, we consider analytically and numerically well-known CKM-like charged lepton corrections to a neutrino diagonalization matrix that corresponds to a certain mixing scheme. Usually this results in generating θ13=9\theta_{13} = 9^\circ from zero. We note here, however, that 9 is not only given by 0+90 + 9, but also by 18918 - 9. Hence, the extreme case of an initial value of 18 degrees, reduced by charged lepton corrections to 9 degrees, is possible. For some cases under study new sum rules for the mixing parameters, and correlations with CP phases are found.Comment: 11 pages, 6 figure