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    Long Range Scattering and Modified Wave Operators for some Hartree Type Equations

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    We study the theory of scattering for a class of Hartree type equations with long range interactions in space dimension n > 2, including Hartree equations with potential V(x) = lambda |x|^{- gamma} with gamma < 1. For 1/2 < gamma < 1 we prove the existence of modified wave operators with no size restriction on the data and we determine the asymptotic behaviour in time of solutions in the range of the wave operators.Comment: TeX, 89 pages, available http://qcd.th.u-psud.f

    Group theoretical study of LOCC-detection of maximally entangled state using hypothesis testing

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    In the asymptotic setting, the optimal test for hypotheses testing of the maximally entangled state is derived under several locality conditions for measurements. The optimal test is obtained in several cases with the asymptotic framework as well as the finite-sample framework. In addition, the experimental scheme for the optimal test is presented

    Unitary-process discrimination with error margin

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    We investigate a discrimination scheme between unitary processes. By introducing a margin for the probability of erroneous guess, this scheme interpolates the two standard discrimination schemes: minimum-error and unambiguous discrimination. We present solutions for two cases. One is the case of two unitary processes with general prior probabilities. The other is the case with a group symmetry: the processes comprise a projective representation of a finite group. In the latter case, we found that unambiguous discrimination is a kind of "all or nothing": the maximum success probability is either 0 or 1. We also closely analyze how entanglement with an auxiliary system improves discrimination performance.Comment: 9 pages, 3 figures, presentation improved, typos corrected, final versio