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    Hamiltonian vs Lagrangian Embedding of a Massive Spin-one Theory Involving 2-form Field

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    We consider the Hamiltonian and Lagrangian embedding of a first-order, massive spin-one, gauge non-invariant theory involving anti-symmetric tensor field. We apply the BFV-BRST generalised canonical approach to convert the model to a first class system and construct nil-potent BFV-BRST charge and an unitarising Hamiltonian. The canonical analysis of the St\"uckelberg formulation of this model is presented. We bring out the contrasting feature in the constraint structure, specifically with respect to the reducibility aspect, of the Hamiltonian and the Lagrangian embedded model. We show that to obtain manifestly covariant St\"uckelberg Lagrangian from the BFV embedded Hamiltonian, phase space has to be further enlarged and show how the reducible gauge structure emerges in the embedded model.Comment: Revtex, 13 pages, no figure, to appear in Int. J. Mod. Phys.

    On the equivalence between topologically and non-topologically massive abelian gauge theories

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    We analyse the equivalence between topologically massive gauge theory (TMGT) and different formulations of non-topologically massive gauge theories (NTMGTs) in the canonical approach. The different NTMGTs studied are St\"uckelberg formulation of (A) a first order formulation involving one and two form fields, (B) Proca theory, and (C) massive Kalb-Ramond theory. We first quantise these reducible gauge systems by using the phase space extension procedure and using it, identify the phase space variables of NTMGTs which are equivalent to the canonical variables of TMGT and show that under this the Hamiltonian also get mapped. Interestingly it is found that the different NTMGTs are equivalent to different formulations of TMGTs which differ only by a total divergence term. We also provide covariant mappings between the fields in TMGT to NTMGTs at the level of correlation function.Comment: One reference added and a typos corrected. 15 pages, To appear in Mod. Phys. Lett.
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