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    Triaxial projected shell model approach

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    The projected shell model analysis is carried out using the triaxial Nilsson+BCS basis. It is demonstrated that, for an accurate description of the moments of inertia in the transitional region, it is necessary to take the triaxiality into account and perform the three-dimensional angular-momentum projection from the triaxial Nilsson+BCS intrinsic wavefunction.Comment: 9 pages, 2 figure

    A New Approach for Gay and Lesbian Domestic Partners: Legal Acceptance Through Relational Property Theory

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    In the past twenty years, the number of couples living together on a long-term basis without marrying has dramatically increased. 1 With the increase in domestic partnerships 2 has come new litigation in which one scorned domestic partner sues the other, claiming a right to property procured during the relationship. Often, one partner brought more present or future financial resources to the relationship than the other. The wealthier partner may have placed some or all of the property acquired during the relationship in her name only for a variety of seemingly innocuous reasons (e.g., business expertise, tax benefits, facilitation of financial management); nonetheless, the result is that one partner has title to the assets while the other partner has nothing. In fact, such a situation is similar to marriage, where one spouse typically enters the union with more assets, business expertise, or earning potential than the other. As this Note argues, the key difference between spouses and domestic partners, however, is that marital dissolution statutes protect spouses. Domestic partners must rely on scattered judicial decisions which often do not agree on the proper theory a domestic partner should advance in order to state a claim. The problems a domestic partner faces are compounded when the plaintiff making the property claim is gay or lesbian. Homosexuals are not a protected class, which means that they can be discriminated against as long as there is a rational basis for the statutory distinction and a legitimate government interest.

    Strong full exceptional collections on certain toric varieties with Picard number three via mutations

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    In this paper, we study derived categories of certain toric varieties with Picard number three that are blowing-up another toric varieties along their torus invariant loci of codimension at most three. We construct strong full exceptional collections by using Orlov's blow-up formula and mutations.Comment: 17 pages, To apper in Le Matematich

    Inductive construction of the p-adic zeta functions for non-commutative p-extensions of totally real fields with exponent p

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    We construct the p-adic zeta function for a one-dimensional (as a p-adic Lie extension) non-commutative p-extension of a totally real number field such that the finite part of its Galois group is a pgroup with exponent p. We first calculate the Whitehead groups of the Iwasawa algebra and its canonical Ore localisation by using Oliver-Taylor's theory upon integral logarithms. This calculation reduces the existence of the non-commutative p-adic zeta function to certain congruence conditions among abelian p-adic zeta pseudomeasures. Then we finally verify these congruences by using Deligne-Ribet's theory and certain inductive technique. As an application we shall prove a special case of (the p-part of) the non-commutative equivariant Tamagawa number conjecture for critical Tate motives. The main results of this paper give generalisation of those of the preceding paper of the author.Comment: 52 page
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