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    Castelnuovo-Mumford Regularity in Biprojective Spaces

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    We define the concept of regularity for bigraded modules and bigraded polynomial ring. In this setting we prove analogs of some of the classical results on mm-regularity for graded modules over polynomial algebras.Comment: 17 Pages, 2 figure

    Shelf Space Fees and Inter-Brand Competition

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    When in-store display influences consumer choices, shelf space allocation can be strategically used by retailers to extract payments from manufacturers. The paper finds that manufacturers with more popular brands have higher willingness-to-pay for the premium shelf spaces of supermarkets. Shelf space fees soften inter-brand competition and result in higher sale-weighted average retail price as well as inter-brand price differences. The fees increase the industry profit but lower the upstream profit. Both the aggregate consumer surplus and social welfare are negatively affected. This paper suggests that even when the fees do not drive small manufacturers out of retail stores, they might still be anti-competitive.Antitrust, In-store display, Shelf space fee, Retail market, Slotting allowance

    Uncertain Consumer Tastes and Two-Part Tariff

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    A service provider sells to homogenous risk-averse consumers through a two-part tariff. The consumers have uncertain tastes toward the service. They subscribe the service before the uncertainty resolves. In contrast with the common view that a monpolist's optimal two-part tariff for homogeneous consumers should entail a usuage rate equalising to the firm's marginal production cost, I show that when consumers have uncertain tastes, the service provider's optimal two-part tariff entails a usuage rate that is greater than the marginal cost.uncertain taste, risk aversion, service pricing, two-part tariff