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    Urgensi Sistem Pengendalian Intern Bagi Instansi Pemerintah

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    Abstak: Secara umum, Pengendalian Intern merupakan bagian dari masing-masing sistem yang dipergunakan sebagai prosedur dan pedoman pelaksanaan operasional Perusahaan atau organisasi tertentu. Sedangkan Sistem Pengendalian Intern merupakan kumpulan dari pengendalian intern yang terintegrasi, berhubungan dan saling mendukung satu dengan yang lainnya. Menurut PP No. 60 tahun 2008 yang dimaksud dengan Sistem Pengendalian Intern adalah proses yang integral pada tindakan dan kegiatan yang dilakukan secara terus menerus oleh pimpinan dan seluruh pegawai untuk memberikan keyakinan memadai atas tercapainya tujuan organisasi melalui kegiatan yang efektif dan efisien, keandalan pelaporan keuangan, pengamanan aset negara, dan ketaatan terhadap peraturan Perundang-undangan

    Sistem Kompensasi Pns Berbasis Kinerja

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    -Human resource occupies a strategic position within an organization , because the human resources directly involved in the management process from the planning stage to the evaluation , therefore the policy in the field of human resources should be directed at improving the welfare of justice , in accordance with the proportion and responsibility of each employee . In achieving the objectives of the organization , human resource potential must be maximized , the achievement of organizational goals depends not only on facilities and pre means but rather depends on the performance of its human resources

    Pengaruh Knowledge Infrastructure Capability Dan Knowledge Process Capability Terhadap Product Innovation Dan Firm Performance

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    Abtraksi. Manajemen pengetahuan sebagai sumber utama daya saing sangat diperlukan untuk kelangsungan hidup Perusahaan dan pengembangan bisnis. Oleh karena itu, manajemen pengetahuan telah menjadi salah satu agenda terdepan di banyak Perusahaan untuk dikembangkan dan dipraktekkan. Manajemen pengetahuan dianggap sebagai strategi bersaing yang bisa memberi banyak keuntungan bagi Perusahaan. Dengan menerapkan manajemen pengetahuan yang baik maka organisasi akan menjadi organisasi pembelajar yang mampu beradaptasi dalam Perubahan melalui inovasi berkelanjutan. Inovasi adalah hasil cerdas pengetahuan sebagai sumber keunggulan bersaing Perusahaan. Saling kait antara knowledge management, inovasi dan kinerja Perusahaan seakan menjadi bahan kajian yang tidak pernah berhenti untuk diteliti. Penelitian ini mengkaji bagaimana pengaruh knowledge infrastructure capability dan knowledge process capability terhadap inovasi produk serta dampaknya pada kinerja Perusahaan. Sampel penelitian adalah Perusahaan sektor manufaktur dan Perusahaan jasa sebanyak 200 Perusahaan. Pengujian hipotesis menggunakan structural equation modeling berbasis partial least square. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa ada pengaruh positif signifikan antara knowledge infrastructure capability terhadap knowledge process capability. Knowledge infrastructure capability dan knowledge process capability keduanya juga berpengaruh terhadap inovasi produk dan kinerja Perusahaan. Hasil Penelitian juga menegaskan bahwa ada pengaruh yang positif siknifikan antara inovasi produk terhadap kinerja Perusahaan

    Undang-undang Nomor 6 Tahun 2014 Tentang Desa Dilihat dari Pasal 18 B Ayat 2 UUD 1945

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    The status of Village has still been outside of the government bureucratic-system. It is still being positioned as a community that regulated by State and given the governmental tasks. The Law Number 6/ 2014 regarding The Village not includes it into the local government system. This research was conducted in Wilalung Village. The aim of it was to evaluate whether or not the Village in practice has been currently relevant with Article 18 B Verse (2) of Constitution 1945. The Data were collected through several ways: field observation, in-depth interview, focus group discussion, and literature study. This study found that regulation of Village is on the out side bases of the Article 18 B Verse (2).Therefore, the Village-Administration needs to be restructured and into the local government system

    Aspek Pidana dalam Berita Bohong (Hoax) Menurut Fiqh Jinayah

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    The current world of information is changing rapidly. The more advanced the day, the faster. Positive impact for progress is certainly. But the negative excesses also need to be anticipated. One is the easy and fast news is not true or hoax spread. His excesses are noise, discomfort. Security becomes disrupted. Steps that can be taken include through legal steps. The legislation of the Republic of Indonesia has actually regulated it through UU ITE number 11 of 2008 amended by Act No. 19 of 2016. Article 28 juncto article 45 provides that anyone who disseminates misleading and SARA-related information is threatened with a six-year jail sentence and a fine maximum of one billion. The spread of false news in fiqh jinayah pertained as jarimah ta'zir which arrangement fully become the authority of ulil amri. Crime categories of hoax and sanctions have been aligned with the essence of Fiqh Jinayah

    Antagonisme Sosial, Diskonsensus, dan Rantai Ekuivalensi: Menegaskan Kembali Urgensi Model Demokrasi Agonistik

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    Debates on linkages between democracy and welfare remain fascinating issues in contemporary democracy studies, especially in Indonesia. Howeuer, mainstream studies on such issues were influenced, foremost, by political economy approaches and classic liberalism. Thus, mainstream studies pay less attentions on decontruct both the idea of democrary and welfare and tend to essensialize democracy and welfare. lt also insulate politics from conflict and social antagonisms. Rather than analysing pattern of linkages betwoeen welfare and democracy, this study inquire about \u27welfare\u27 itself –as common goods– is empty/floating signifier and then put emphasis on welfare –as articulatory social practices and discursiae reality– always been produced, presented and represented in and through political process or battle for hegemony. Moreover, whilst this study underline the primacy of political and discursive social practices, it strongly differ from model of deliberative democracy (liberal pluralist) since it re-emphasize agonistic model of democracy, that was introduced by post-marxist or radical pluralist thinkers. Last of all, agonistic model of democracy deem conflict, undecidability and social antagonism as virtue of democracy and main of political life