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    Connection between the two branches of the quantum two-stream instability across the k space

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    The stability of two quantum counter-streaming electron beams is investigated within the quantum plasma fluid equations for arbitrarily oriented wave vectors. The analysis reveals that the two quantum two-stream unstable branches are indeed connected by a continuum of unstable modes with oblique wave vectors. Using the longitudinal approximation, the stability domain for any k is analytically explained, together with the growth rate

    Low Momentum Classical Mechanics with Effective Quantum Potentials

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    A recently introduced effective quantum potential theory is studied in a low momentum region of phase space. This low momentum approximation is used to show that the new effective quantum potential induces a space-dependent mass and a smoothed potential both of them constructed from the classical potential. The exact solution of the approximated theory in one spatial dimension is found. The concept of effective transmission and reflection coefficients for effective quantum potentials is proposed and discussed in comparison with an analogous quantum statistical mixture problem. The results are applied to the case of a square barrier.Comment: 4 figure

    Testing conformal mapping with kitchen aluminum foil

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    We report an experimental verification of conformal mapping with kitchen aluminum foil. This experiment can be reproduced in any laboratory by undergraduate students and it is therefore an ideal experiment to introduce the concept of conformal mapping. The original problem was the distribution of the electric potential in a very long plate. The correct theoretical prediction was recently derived by A. Czarnecki (Can. J. Phys. 92, 1297 (2014))
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