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    Pengaruh Profitabilitas, Arus Kas Operasi, dan Arus Kas Bebas terhadap Dividen Kas Perusahaan di Bursa Efek Indonesia

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    This research aims: (1) to find impact of profitability, operating cash flows,free cash flows simultaneously to cash devidend at Manufacture Companiesof Raw and Chemical Industry in Indonesian Stock Exchange, and (2) to findimpact of profitability, operating cash flows, free cash flows partially to cashdevidend at Manufacture Companies of Raw and Chemical Industry inIndonesian Stock Exchange.Design used in this research is associative. Analysis method used qualitativeand quantitative method. Variables used are four variables, those areindependent variables which Profitability (X1), Operating Cash Flows (X2),and Free Cash Flows (X3), and also dependent variables is Cash Dividend(Y). Population in this research as much 66 companies. Sample used asmuch 58 companies. The analytical tool used is multiple linear regression.According to the research result, find: (1) Profitability, operating cash flows,and free cash flows simultaneously have positive and significant effects tocash devidend at Manufacture Companies of Raw and Chemical Industry inIndonesian Stock Exchange and (2) Profitability, operating cash flows, andfree cash flows partially have positive and significant effects to cashdevidend at Manufacture Companies of Raw and Chemical Industry inIndonesian Stock Exchange

    Realitas Keberagamaan Masyarakat Kabupaten Batanghari

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    Artikel ini bertujuan untuk mendeskripsikan keberagamaan masyarakat Kabupaten Batanghari dan peran institusi-institusi keagamaan baik formal maupun nonformal yang ada guna pembangunan masyarakat agamis di Kabupaten Batanghari

    Anak Jalanan di Simpang Lampu Merah Telanaipura Kota Jambi (Analisis terhadap Dampak Eksploitasi Anak)

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    The children on public road represent one of the social problem faced by Indonesian nation. In every country in this world also find the same social problem as the problem of prostitution which is difficult to find the exact formula to handle it, as complicated as the problem of children on public road. The amount of waif is clearly increasing although it almost impossible to get the opening statistic. Government is assessed cannot do many things to save them. Everyday, the children on the public road are fear of various threat includes the bad behaviour of government officers. In Jambi, the problem of children on public road is complicated enough to solve because its handling is not just to give symphatic paid, so that the government should have the exact policy to handle it. Their social balance are need to think of because what they will be f they have imbalance social problem? this will result bad effect for their behaviour and environtment in the future

    Fully fabric high impedance surface-enabled antenna for wearable medical applications

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    The compact and robust high-impedance surface (HIS) integrated with the antenna is designed to operate at a frequency of 2.45 GHz for wearable applications. They are made of highly flexible fabric material. The overall size is 45×45×2.445\times \,\,45\times 2.4 mm3 which equivalent to 0.37λo×0.37λo×0.020.37\lambda \text{o}\times 0.37\lambda \text{o}\times 0.02 mm3. The value of using HIS lies in protecting the human body from harmful radiation and maintaining the performance of the antenna, which may be affected by the high conductivity of the human body. Besides, setting the antenna on the human body by itself detunes the frequency, but by adding HIS, it becomes robust and efficient for body loading and deformation. Integrated antenna with HIS demonstrates excellent performance, such as a gain of 7.47 dBi, efficiency of 71.8% and FBR of 10.8 dB. It also reduces the SAR below safety limits. The reduction is more than 95%. Therefore, the presented design was considered suitable for wearable applications. Further study was also performed to show the useful of placing antenna over HIS compared to the use of perfect electric conductor (PEC). The integrated design was also investigated with the worst case of varying the permittivity of body equivalent model which shows excellent performance in term of reflection coefficient and SAR levels. Hence, the integrated antenna with HIS is mechanically robust to human body tissue loading, and it is highly appropriate for body-worn applications

    Project implementation and monitoring (Ramakrishna, Y. S. (Yezzu Sri))

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    After a brief workshop summary by Spooner Hart, discussion leading to the assignment of activities followed, coordinated by Spooner-Hart and Huda

    Upaya Food & Baverage Product dalam Meningkatkan Kualitas Makanan di Hotel Grand Aston YOGYAKARTA

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    Hotel merupakan salah satu jenis akomodasi yang mempergunakan sebagian atau seluruh bangunan untuk menyediakan jasa pelayanan penginapan, makan-minum serta jasa lainnya yang dikelola secara komersial. Sebuah department di hotel yang memiliki peranan besar adalah Food & Bevarege Product, pengelolaan Food & Bavarege Product secara profesional menghasilkan hidangan yang berkualitas. Metode penelitian yang digunakan penelitian deskriptif kualitatif dengan tujuan pelaksanaan dan tanggungjawab , metode untuk membuat hidangan dan skill yang dimiliki food & Baverage product dalam membuat hidangan untuk meningkatkan kepuasan tamu. Upaya peningkatan kualitas hidangan di Hotel Grand Aston selalu mengadakan pengawasan dan menerapkan cooking method yang benar, penerapan hygiene dan sanitasi yang menyediakan hand sanitation baik untuk mencuci tangan, menutup makanan yang sudah jadi dan ditaruh di trolly, penyimpanan peralatan dan bahan makanan dilakukan dengan pengelompokan sehingga akan terjamin dan hasil yang akan selalu baik dan makanan jadi berkualitas

    Prayang Innovation TECHNOLOGY on Capture Results

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    Prayang is traditional fishing gear, a prohibition on the use of cantrang fishing gear by the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (KKP) requires an alternative replacement fishing gear, considering that the condition of the Java sea waters is already overfished. The study aims to determine the effect of using different color lights on prayang fishing gear on catches. The research method is an experiment by applying "light fishing" technology. The initial stage of the study was the use of lighting aids with different colors. Based on the results of statistical tests the lamp color treatment had no significant effect, the catch was dominated by white shrimp species for the use of white light and the shrimp continued to prefer green

    New coping strategies for agrometeorological risks and uncertainties in integrated pest management (Ramakrishna, Y. S. (Yezzu Sri))

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    The paper outlines some approaches for coping with the agrometeorological risks and uncertainties associated with integrated pest management, based on the Australian experience with canola. The need to understand the linkage between climate and pest cycles is discussed, as is the need to include factors relating to local farming practice and farm economy in the risk assessment process. Areas for further study, such as the relationship between macro- and microclimate, and the timing of pesticide application, are outlined. A major focus of Australian research is the optimisation of natural controls relating to informed planting strategies, and the minimisation of pesticide application through the prediction of climatic influences, in the interests of sustainable and cost effective control of disease agents. Some epidemiological and risk management perspectives for building capacity to support this concept are outlined

    Using InfoCrop : a user friendly crop simulation model for mustard (Ramakrishna, Y. S. (Yezzu Sri))

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    Crop models can accelerate inter-disciplinary knowledge utilization in agricultural research and development. These models present an opportunity for assessing potential production in a region and facilitate analysis of the sustainability options for agricultural development including planning of resource allocation. The greater application of crop models in agricultural research and developments, however, requires a simple, user-friendly modeling framework, whose inputs are easily available/ measurable. In addition, the framework should provide a structure that can be easily adapted by the application developers. Most of the existing models are too complex with large input data requirement, cannot be easily integrated in the application, and are not very user-friendly. InfoCrop is a crop growth model that was developed by the Indian Agricultural Research Institute in New Delhi, India. It is a decision support system based on crop models that was developed by a network of scientists to provide a platform to scientists and extension workers to build their applications around it and to meet the goals of stakeholders’ need for information. These models are designed to simulate the effects of weather, soils, agronomic management, nitrogen, water and major pests on crop growth and yield, water and nitrogen management, and greenhouse gases emission. Its general structure is based on a large number of earlier models and the expertise of the scientists involved