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    On the field configuration in magnetic clouds

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    Interplanetary magnetic clouds are represented by cylindrically symmetric equilibrium solutions of the MHD equations. The radial magnetic pressure gradient of the force free field is balanced by the curvature stress. The field inside is essentially parallel to the cylinder axis, far outside it is oriented in azimuthal direction. These configurations therefore differ from the nonselfconsistent model where the field lines are tightly wound even near the axis

    The Case for an Orderly Resolution Regime for Systemically-Important Financial Institutions

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    Outlines the need to give the government authority to resolve a financial institution if its failure poses serious systemic risks, examines concerns and counterproposals, and offers recommendations and considerations for designing such a system

    See a Black Hole on a Shoestring

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    The modes of vibration of hanging and partially supported strings provide useful analogies to scalar fields travelling through spacetimes that admit conformally flat spatial sections. This wide class of spacetimes includes static, spherically symmetric spacetimes. The modes of a spacetime where the scale factor depends as a power-law on one of the coordinates provide a useful starting point and yield a new classification of these spacetimes on the basis of the shape of the string analogue. The family of corresponding strings follow a family of curves related to the cycloid, denoted here as hypercycloids (for reasons that will become apparent). Like the spacetimes that they emulate these strings exhibit horizons, typically at their bottommost points where the string tension vanishes; therefore, hanging strings may provide a new avenue for the exploration of the quantum mechanics of horizons.Comment: 5 pages, 1 figure, extensive changes to refect version accepted to PR

    On the variational homotopy perturbation method for nonlinear oscillators

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    In this paper we discuss a recent application of a variational homotopy perturbation method to rather simple nonlinear oscillators . We show that the main equations are inconsistent and for that reason the results may be of scarce utility

    Magnetohydrodynamic turbulence in the solar wind

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    Recent work in describing the solar wind as an MHD turbulent fluid has shown that the magnetic fluctuations are adequately described as time stationary and to some extent as spatially homogeneous. Spectra of the three rugged invariants of incompressible MHD are the principal quantities used to characterize the velocity and magnetic field fluctuations. Unresolved issues concerning the existence of actively developing turbulence are discussed

    Negotiate or Litigate? Effects of WTO Judicial Delegation on U.S. Trade Politics

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    Goldstein and Steinberg argue that the World Trade Organization Appellate Body has been able to use its authority to engage in judicial lawmaking to reduce trade barriers in ways that would not otherwise have been possible through negotiation. This lawmaking authority was not the result of a purposeful delegation; rather, it was an unintended byproduct of the creation of an underspecified set of rules and procedures. There is nevertheless a high rate of compliance with Appellate Body decisions because decentralized enforcement can induce domestic importers to lobby for trade liberalization. In the US, this judicial lawmaking may also allow the President to achieve trade policies that are more liberal than those desired by Congress, if compliance can be achieved by a regulatory change or by sole Executive action

    Reusable silica surface-insulation material

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    Material was specifically developed for manufacture of insulating tiles, but it can be molded into other shapes as required. Basic raw materials are high-purity silica fiber, fumed-silica powder, and reagent-grade starch. Only purest materials are used, and care must be taken to avoid contamination during processing
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